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How smart locker technology supports flexible workers

While office working may never again return to pre-pandemic levels, many businesses are back in the workplace three years on.

Whether that be, one, two or three times a week or just for meetings, employees are making the commute more often.

Being back at work raises the issue of business mail deliveries. Not all workplaces have a mailroom, and even with one, large numbers of delivered packages can complicate the simple process of finding the right piece of mail as you search through unorganised stacks.

So how can you ensure items are delivered to the right recipient?

The traditional way of delivering items to a desk and taking a signature is one option (which we can support with our OmniPost system) but there’s another solution, and it’s smart!

With your team spread across locations and working different hours or days, ensuring your people receive post, parcels, stationery or even IT equipment becomes twice as hard. This is where an inbound parcel tracking system comes in.

Using intelligent Smart Lockers, business mail can be kept in a secure location until staff are free to collect their goods.

When delivered to the smart lockers by the courier, an email is sent to the recipient notifying them of where they need to collect their item from.

When they are in the office they can go to the location, scan their QR code and collect their delivery. This ensures a top service to the clients, no lost mail and a huge time saving for the team tracking inbound mail.

Did you know that ExPD Smart Lockers automatically manage all of the admin process of inbound parcel tracking? This greatly reduces the burden on your mailroom or admin teams to keep stock of which parcels have been delivered where. Individuals are contacted when the item is received, and when it was collected. It even sends reminder messages and alerts if the Smart Locker hasn’t been accessed.

Our mailroom tracking system is web-based and you can access it from any PC, whether that’s in the post room, your office or even when you’re working from home. The system can be locked down too to prevent access from outside the business if this is required.

To further enhance the product, we also have an integrated app which is designed to provide the most intuitive operation for clients, couriers and admin staff.

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