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Compliance automation platform provider Ondorse poised to disrupt KYB with further growth and UK&I customer wins

Paris-based Ondorse delivers a risk-based approach to KYB, automating resource-intensive compliance tasks, beyond traditional onboarding

Ondorse, a leading provider of a KYB (Know Your Business) solution, today announced it has secured three new clients in the past two months as part of its ongoing expansion into the UK&I market. Ondorse provides an innovative, all-in-one platform that automates and accelerates burdensome compliance processes, enabling businesses to verify customers more efficiently and reduce the operational costs of compliance.

The new wins – PayXpert, Kota, and Assurdeal – have been secured as part of its ongoing growth in the region. Since its launch in 2021, Ondorse has raised total funding of $6.63M over two rounds from two institutional investors and expanded its client base to include major European companies like insurance unicorn, Alan. The company now aims to build on this through new hires and partner recruitment in the region, with plans to open an office in the UK next year following its rapid and recent commercial success. The company is also announcing the appointment of Olivier Godement, a senior U.S. executive at OpenAI, as an independent Board member.

The Ondorse platform eases the pain of resource-intensive compliance tasks, enabling teams to take a risk-based approach to evaluating and verifying new and existing customers. By flipping compliance on its head, Ondorse is looking beyond traditional onboarding. With AI-driven remediation, automated ongoing due diligence, and a day-1 risk view, the solution is designed to ensure businesses can prevent fraud and money laundering and meet AML regulatory challenges such as AML6 and DORA in the E.U. and the Financial Services and Markets Act (FSMA) in the UK. Orchestrating with 100 vendor solutions, Ondorse unifies compliance, data, risk, and fraud APIs into a single API.

The complete compliance platform scans, remediates, monitors and onboards, covering the entire customer journey. By eliminating manual tasks such as copy-pasting KYB data, retrieving data and documents, and manual activity logging, customers have reported that the solution is delivering a 70% reduction in overall compliance costs and 95% reduction in manual compliance reviews.

The solution is the brainchild of its two founders: President Aymeric Boelle and CEO Florent Robert, who have first-hand experience in compliance and financial services. Aymeric has previously worked as a City lawyer in financial regulation and enforcement at Skadden, whilst Florent has held roles across the finance sector, from fintech founder to Deutsche Bank executive, after RBC and SocGen. Their experience inspired them to develop an innovative approach to manage onboarding and compliance workflows at scale and deliver immediate pain relief to compliance teams.

Commenting on the announcement, President Aymeric Boelle said: “For too long, compliance teams have relied on outdated, complex, and manual processes to verify customers and assess risk. This not only adds to the operational cost of compliance but leaves organisations exposed to severe regulatory penalties. We wanted to rewrite the rules and create a smarter, more user-friendly way for them to handle compliance cases.

By freeing up the team’s time from a ‘checklist’ of repetitive tasks, they can focus on work higher up the value chain. This is ever more important in rooting out the sophisticated threats that fraudsters use to conceal their funds. Ultimately, we want to eliminate the pain, make teams’ lives easier, and transform compliance into a valuable investment rather than a cost.”

CEO Florent Robert continues: “The UK is pivotal for the next stage of our growth within Europe, and we know there’s a significant opportunity to support the financial sector here. We’re looking forward to building on our current client base and securing new opportunities to help companies in this region meet the growing challenge of reducing financial crime.”

About Ondorse
Headquartered in Paris, Ondorse provides a business identity solution which aims to ease the pain of resource-intensive compliance tasks. Ondorse’s all-in-one platform reduces risk and verification delays whilst ensuring users stay compliant with regulatory requirements.

We believe that KYB isn’t just about onboarding, but continuous verification for the entire customer journey. We’re on a mission to flip the traditional approach to compliance on its head. With AI-driven remediation and automated ongoing due diligence, we provide a seamless compliance experience from user onboarding to case management.