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Motorsport manufacturer Xtreme Motorsports accelerates digital transformation with Fortee cloud ERP

Xtreme Motorsports, which manufactures high-quality Performance Car Upgrades for motorsport racing, has overhauled its production thanks to an implementation of Fortee, Forterro’s entry-level cloud-based ERP solution, which is helping it to remain competitive and improve profitability.

The company, which specialises in Nissan GTR-R35 clutch upgrades, had previously relied on traditional tools, such as spreadsheets and extensive paperwork, to manage the different stages of production. This was highly inefficient and resulted in operational headaches and last-minute scrambles.

The implementation of Fortee marked a huge shift for Xtreme Motorsports. Fortee’s ability to handle optimum batch sizes and streamline complex manufacturing stages, such as in CNC machining, drastically reduced the business’s time and resource wastage. This shift from smaller, inefficient batches to larger and more cost-effective ones has been transformative for staying competitive.

“It is so satisfying to be in control of everything – overseeing costings, routings, the bill of materials and the structures,” said Antony Allsop, Business Development Manager, Xtreme Motorsports. “It gives a sense of being on top of everything and knowing exactly where we are headed, and the business is now positioned for significant expansion and diversification over the next few years.”

Stock management and planning were major pain points for Xtreme Motorsports and meant a reactive and disorganised approach. The implementation of Fortee introduced a much more proactive strategy, enhancing control over inventory and stock levels.

This new system reduced the instances of running out of key items, which had previously led to lost orders and customer retention issues. The comprehensive nature of Fortee in managing everything from costings to bill of materials gives a sense of complete control and clear direction to the business.

“Because of Fortee, there’s been less panic and knee-jerk reactions across the business,” continued Antony Allsop, Xtreme Motorsports. “We have a number of new and ambitious projects in the pipeline, and the Fortee cloud ERP has been a central component in ensuring we are ready for those projects and for accelerating our digital transformation.”

Launched in the UK in May 2024, Fortee is an out-of-the-box SaaS ERP solution, designed for the specific requirements of SME discrete manufacturers and industrial startups. It is based on Forterro’s successful cloud ERP solution, Sylob, and has 15 years of cloud-ERP learning in it. It has the features and functionality most relevant to its target market, such as purchasing, production, CRM, supply chain and more.

“Using spreadsheets and paper-based processes is still common amongst many smaller manufacturers,” said Benoît Wambergue, VP of Product Management, Forterro. “It really doesn’t need to be, though. A cloud-based ERP such as Fortee is incredibly easy to get started with, and Xtreme Motorsports was up and running and seeing ROI in a matter of weeks. Their deployment of Fortee showcases the transformative impact of effective operational management systems in manufacturing, setting a benchmark for efficiency, control, and strategic growth.”