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WalkMe Unveils WalkMeX: The Premier Contextual AI Copilot Designed For The Enterprise

Uniquely suited for AI transformation, the new cross-app copilot democratizes AI for every employee, driving unparalleled productivity.

June 18, 2024 – SAN FRANCISCO – WalkMe (NASDAQ: WKME), a leading provider of digital adoption solutions for effectively navigating technology change, today announced the launch of WalkMeX, the world’s first and only copilot with the context to meet every user with the next best action for any workflow, across any application. WalkMeX further amplifies WalkMe’s mission to bridge the gap between humans and technology with “AI that everyone gets.”

Generative AI isn’t the plug-and-play tool many believe it to be. For companies to realize the full potential of AI, it needs to be used every day – by everyone. WalkMeX is an always-on copilot that offers proactive AI assistance without any prompting or app-switching required. Unlike other AI tools limited to specific applications and requiring extensive user input, WalkMeX uses its deep contextual understanding to proactively assist users right at the moment of need, suggesting the next best actions across any application and workflow.

“Over the past decade, WalkMe has built a deep understanding of how people interact with technology in the enterprise,” said Dan Adika, CEO & Co-founder of WalkMe. “By combining our patented AI technology, DeepUI, with the power of general purpose large language models, we’ve created a copilot that can understand a user’s context and intent, and provide personalized assistance right in the flow of work.”

Built for the ultimate copilot user experience, WalkMeX is:

● Contextual: WalkMeX knows the user and understands their current tasks, making it an intuitive aid that aligns with user objectives.
● Universal: WalkMeX extends to any web app with always-on AI assistance across any workflow.
● Proactive: WalkMeX offers real-time, relevant recommendations.
● Accessible: WalkMeX caters to employees of all technical levels, ensuring everyone can leverage AI capabilities effectively.
● Actionable: WalkMeX provides the next best steps tailored to the user’s immediate goals, enhancing task efficiency and accuracy.

WalkMeX builds on WalkMe’s broader Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), giving full control to customize the copilot experience with WalkMe’s unmatched DAP analytics suite to manage adoption, usage, and results. This latest offering is designed to meet the challenges of successful AI transformation at scale.

“WalkMeX is a leading example of an important advancement in the journey towards effective digital transformation,” said Lee Merovitz, Managing Director and US Change Services Practice Leader at Deloitte Consulting LLP. “Its contextual capabilities and proactive assistance align with our vision to transform how the workforce engages with technology. The pace of change is constant, and things will never again change as slowly as they do today. The opportunities presented by offerings like WalkMeX can support organizations as they navigate this reality.”

“Generative AI has immense potential, but only if everyone is using it, every day, in the right ways,” said Aaron Purcell, Managing Director & Innovation Leader at KPMG. “WalkMe is being heavily leveraged to support our Generative AI strategy at KPMG. WalkMeX’s ability to use context to serve up GenAI capabilities to our employees can significantly accelerate the value we get from these tools.”

“The rapid rise of generative AI is exciting, but adoption is key to unlocking its true value,” said Steffaney Zohrabyan, Sales Enablement Innovation & Insights at Cisco. “WalkMeX acts as a universal copilot, making AI proactive, accessible, and actionable, and empowering people to fully participate in this transformation.”

“Contextual intelligence and omnipresence across the digital enterprise, positions WalkMeX right where users are most likely to benefit from AI capabilities infused in their work,” said Gina Smith, PhD, Research Director, IT Skills for Digital Business Practice at IDC. “By understanding behavior and intent and providing highly relevant assistance right when and where it’s needed across truly any application is certainly innovative. These capabilities provide a human-centric advantage.”

Designed for All Teams, Across All Workflows, WalkMeX helps:

● Sales boost rep productivity, accelerate sales cycles, improve data quality, and automate administrative tasks
● HR improve compliance, increase employee engagement, and automate routine tasks across common HR workflows with greater completion rates
● IT shorten ticket resolution, reduce cost to serve, alleviate administrative burden, and improve proper use across the IT tech stack
● Finance, Operation, Procurement, and more, experience hyperproductivity through a variety of applications across workflows

To take advantage of the transformative power of WalkMeX, learn more today.

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