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Channel Partners Gain Vendor-level Powers with New MSASE Framework from Cato Networks

SASE leaders, Cato Networks have introduced the Cato MSASE Partner Platform, a new way for channel partners to rapidly deliver and profit from managed SASE services. With Cato MSASE, partners gain vendor-level insight, control, and knowledge—enabling them to deliver highly differentiated managed SASE services efficiently.

“The Cato SASE Cloud transformed how enterprises consume networking and security services; now, with the Cato MSASE Partner Platform, we’re transforming how the channel can deliver those services,” said Frank Rauch, global channel chief at Cato Networks. “Channel partners now have vendor-level powers over licensing, account management, visibility, and more, which will empower them to be more efficient and profitable. With Cato, the channel delivers a superior SASE experience for their customers.”

Managed Services: The Promise and the Problems for Delivery

According to Gartner®, managed SASE service adoption will rise significantly across enterprises over the next two years: “By 2026, at least 45% of enterprises will use managed SASE services—an increase of three times from early 2023.”

However, channel partners encounter challenges when attempting to profit from managed SASE services. Most offerings labelled “SASE” consist of multiple point products marketed as a single solution. This requires partners to stock, integrate, and train on diverse technologies at significant cost when it’s not on a single platform. When issues arise, partners often lack the visibility and knowledge to troubleshoot the problems themselves. The effort and complexity leave little room for partners to focus on delivering great customer service.

Cato Empowers Channel Partners to Function as Vendors

The Cato SASE Cloud is already highly differentiated: it is the only global, fully converged, cloud-native, single-vendor SASE platform. With Cato MSASE, partners can now quickly get to market and profit from managed SASE services while delivering superior service and support.

Through Cato’s new centralised multi-tenant partner dashboard, channel partners can manage the complete customer lifecycle from planning through deployment and into production. At a glance, partners can see details of the customer account status—such as licence utilisation and expiration, security risk exposure, and networking problems—and immediately take action.

With the Cato MSASE Partner Platform, channel partners can use their own tools or manage the complete customer lifecycle through Cato’s multi-tenant interface.

Cato MSASE enables channel partners to service their customers more effectively. They have full access to Cato’s first-line support tools for exceptional responsiveness. Playbooks help partners resolve customer problems by simplifying troubleshooting and improving incident response. Access to the Cato knowledge base provides partners with deep insight into the Cato SASE Cloud.

Commercially, Cato MSASE benefits channel partners by providing them with access to internal tools and insights based on nearly 10 years of SASE experience. An optimised go-to-market engine helps partners quickly build out new managed SASE services or incorporate SASE into their existing managed services. Partners get to market faster with pre-sales and sales enablement tools, co-brandable collateral, and ready-to-use marketing campaigns.

Channel partners also have access to a proven sales methodology that has a 70% win rate using a market-tested proof-of-concept process. Partners can win new customers and monetize fast with a dedicated quoting tool, free trial accounts, and rapid deployment playbooks, configuration, and staging tools.

Finally, channel partners can increase profitability by leveraging AI tools to make NOC and SOC operations more efficient. With deeper visibility into a customer’s licence usage, they can also identify new upsell opportunities.

Since 2016, Cato has been disrupting the IT market by converging networking and security into the Cato SASE Cloud. IT teams are now empowered to support business goals without delays and without compromising on security, performance, or agility. With the Cato MSASE Partner Platform, Cato brings the same level of disruption to the partner ecosystem, empowering channel partners to meet the most demanding needs of their end customers with ease, agility, and reliability.

“As a brand-new Cato Networks Service Provider partner, we chose to work with Cato because they are the industry leader in SASE—with a single platform and single console that’s easy to deploy, use, and manage,” said Avi Lonstein, CEO at AireSpring. “As such, the Cato MSASE Partner Platform will enable AireSpring to deliver managed SASE services that are truly differentiated in the market.”

“The new Cato MSASE Partner Platform enables our customers to harness the full potential of the industry-leading Cato SASE Cloud, while taking advantage of Bridgenet’s managed security services. As a Cato Networks Service Provider partner, our service optimises and secures application access for all users and locations,” said Mr. Keane Leong, Group Chief Executive Officer at Bridgenet Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

“We believe that service providers will benefit greatly from the Cato MSASE Partner Platform and support this initiative,” said Mason Miles, Chief Revenue Officer at CommandLink. “Cato Networks is a valued partner for CommandLink, where we currently provide Cato solutions to customers worldwide. For customers seeking to co-manage their Cato solutions, we make things easy for them with a seamless integration with CommandLink’s proprietary ITSM.”

“Mosaic NetworX and Cato Networks have had a successful partnership for several years. As a Cato Networks Distinguished Support Provider partner, we have been delivering managed SASE services to mid-market customers,” said Matt Hiles, Chief Operating Officer at Mosaic NetworX. “We look forward to harnessing the power of the Cato MSASE Partner Platform to further simplify the delivery of managed SASE services for our customers.”

“As a Cato Networks Service Provider partner, US Signal’s SASE services are powered by Cato. Our customers have enjoyed the cost savings, flexibility, and agility that the Cato SASE Cloud provides,” said David Humes II, Vice President of Product Development at US Signal. “With the introduction of the Cato MSASE Partner Platform, Cato is making it easier for us to help customers fully deploy SASE or seamlessly shift into a full SASE deployment when they’re ready to do so.”

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