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WINT and HSB partner to deliver holistic water protection

HSB will resell WINT’s water management solutions and warrant their performance creating a best-of-breed combination of insurance and technology to mitigate water damage in properties

LONDON, UK — June 24, 2024 — WINT Water Intelligence, a leader in cutting-edge water management and leak-prevention solutions, announces it has signed a partnership with HSB (Hartford Steam Boiler), a multi-line specialty insurer.

The partnership combines WINT’s industry-leading AI-based water management solutions with HSB’s unique expertise in IoT technology and OEM uptime warranty solutions to provide businesses with an ultimate solution to protect from water leak damage.

A recent study by Munich Re found that locations protected by WINT dramatically reduce the number and impact of water damage incidents: sites where WINT was installed were found to submit 73% fewer insurance claims and resulted in 90% less payouts when compared with sites not protected by WINT.

Demonstrating HSB’s commitment to customers and its continuing confidence in WINT’s proven artificial intelligence-driven systems, the expanded partnership elevates the insurer’s exclusive ecosystem of commercial-grade, best-in-class Internet of Things (IoT) solutions by incorporating the latest and greatest technologies.

“Water leaks are a major point of pain across the real estate and construction industry. Water management technology and insurance are complementary two sides of the same coin – solutions that mitigate damage while reducing the real-estate industry’s environmental footprint,” said Alon Geva, WINT’s CEO. “We’re excited to partner with HSB-Munich Re to solve these challenges.”

As part of the partnership, HSB will distribute WINT’s AI-based water management solutions to its customers, complementing HSB’s current leak-sensor solutions. In addition, WINT provides a performance warranty for WINT technology, backed by HSB, paying up to £200,000 in the unlikely event where damage occurs from a leak in a pipe monitored by WINT (in conformance with the warranty details). The performance warranty for builders’ risk program, introduced in 2023, is designed to mitigate the steeply rising costs of water damage claims in commercial properties and on construction sites for new buildings, renovations, and large retrofit projects.

“Effective water management is increasingly important as the risks and costs of water damage rise,” said John B. Riggs, chief technology officer and senior vice president of Applied Technology Solutions for HSB. “We’re glad to offer our customers WINT’s reliable, scalable solution to help them meet the ongoing challenges of protecting their investments and addressing water sustainability.”

Designed by Meshify, the IoT subsidiary of HSB, its Defender™ Sensors monitor retail, healthcare, education, and other facilities 24/7 for water leaks and temperature extremes. With access to WINT systems, HSB’s customers can now monitor water flow and automatically shut-off leaks during and after construction projects, during ongoing operations, and automatically shut off the water when the system detects a leak.

WINT equips contractors, developers, owners, and facility management teams with a cutting-edge solution for managing water throughout the lifecycle of a building, from construction to operation.

The WINT platform includes automated leak mitigation with real-time detection and auto shut-down water supply according to policy; unparalleled anomaly detection and analytics powered by advanced AI algorithms; and enterprise-grade management for operation in large and mid-sized facilities. WINT is used globally by customers including the Empire State Building, Microsoft, HP, PepsiCo, Mace Construction, CBRE as well as many other leading enterprises, general contractors (GCs) and facility owners.