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Free Access Launched for World’s Premier AI Drone Learning Platform

COPTRZ Ltd has launched their new drone learning experience platform, COPTRZ ACADEMY. COPTRZ claims this is the leading platform of its kind worldwide.

Designed for lifelong learning for anyone involved in unmanned technology, including pilots, operators, managers, or technicians, the new platform results from two years of development and a six-figure investment to achieve an AI-driven system that provides bespoke learning experiences.

The COPTRZ ACADEMY platform hosts over 600 courses, including drone pilot courses, application-specific courses, and drone-specific courses. Additionally, there are an array of courses for associated skills, such as data handling, health & safety, project management, and business start-up courses. “When it comes to new growing businesses in the drone sector, we’ve often found that there’s a lack of resources to help entrepreneurs with finance, marketing, and sales pitching as examples of skills gaps,” commented Steve Coulson, Co-founder & CCO of COPTRZ. “We’ve amalgamated this with drone courses for entrepreneurs as well as related management disciplines for those in larger organisations,” Steve added.

The platform allows students to rate their current skill levels in different disciplines and the level they would like to attain. This, in turn, links to AI that creates unique learner journeys from content both on and off the platform.

To help stimulate the market for drones, COPTRZ is making basic access free for everyone so individuals and organisations can start using the content immediately. The sign-up page is

Many of the Continuous Personal Development (CPD) courses carry CPD credits and are CPD Association certified, with exams so that organisations can benchmark the knowledge their people have on that particular subject.

The system is designed with the flexibility to be used by any type of organisation, which can use the white label option to brand the platform for their people and have full access to measurement and management dashboards. Additionally, training companies worldwide can use the white label option to create a revenue-generating platform with the option to author their own courses specific to geographies or sectors.