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Digital Transformation Leaders Launches “I Transform Me” Program to Empower the Workforce in the Digital Age

Facilitating Human and AI (Artificial Intelligence) Collaboration for Workforce Across All Sectors and Promoting Digital Economy Growth

Digital Transformation Leaders is excited to announce the launch of the “I Transform Me” program, a transformative initiative designed to help individuals, employees, and leaders from all sectors self-transform and thrive in the new digital age. This program aims to cultivate agility, adaptability, and a proactive mindset in embracing change and AI, ensuring preparedness for the evolving demands of the digitally intelligent workplace.

The modern intelligent workplace, with the adoption of artificial intelligence, demands employees across all sectors—including energy, financial services, manufacturing, medical, retail, education, technology, and business in general—to not only keep up with technological advancements but also to become active participants in their own self-transformation. The “I Transform Me” program addresses this critical need by providing comprehensive resources and on-demand coaching to develop the skills and mindset required for successful individual and organizational digital transformation.

Marie Nadia Vincent, CEO of Digital Transformation Leaders and creator of the program, notes that undercover assessments were conducted to gauge how much companies invest in their employees’ individual transformation. She highlights that, at a time when research by Mercer and Marsh McLennan indicates that workforce burnout risk is at an alarming 80% high, the findings revealed a concerning trend: most businesses prefer investments in technologies directly linked to revenue over investing in their employees. This is particularly troubling as artificial intelligence becomes increasingly integral to business operations. Employees need to develop agility and a new relationship with technology to enhance performance, which is directly related to revenue.

These findings highlight the urgent need for businesses to support their workforce amidst constant change and innovation. The “I Transform Me” program is positioned to drive organizational transformation, boost productivity, and improve performance.

HR Leaders, Chief Innovation Leaders, Digital Transformation Leaders, and Change Leaders

HR leaders, chief innovation leaders, digital transformation leaders, and organizational change leaders are encouraged to integrate people-centric strategies into their digital transformation and artificial intelligence adoption plans. Marie Nadia Vincent, Digital Transformation, AI, and Innovation Executive Advisor, emphasizes the importance of this approach for those managing people in this disruptive age. The “I Transform Me” program is designed to reduce disruption, increase agility, adoption of AI, and innovation, as well as prepare and empower employees who are transitioning between jobs and functions. This initiative inspires leaders to guide their teams towards a data-driven and intelligent workplace with a future-ready mindset.

Embracing Digital Intelligence and AI Collaboration

The advent of digital intelligence, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), has revolutionized the workplace. It is crucial for individuals to recognize the importance of collaborating with AI rather than competing against it. The “I Transform Me” program emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between humans and AI, fostering a collaborative environment where employees can leverage AI to enhance productivity and innovation.

Fostering Innovation and Competitiveness

Innovation is the cornerstone of business success in the digital age. By empowering individuals with the necessary skills and mindset, the “I Transform Me” program enables meaningful contributions to organizational innovation, competitiveness, and overall user experience. Continuous learning and adaptability drive organizations forward in a competitive marketplace.

Developing Soft Skills for Continuous Career Adjustment

Marie Nadia Vincent highlights that, in addition to technical skills, soft skills are essential for navigating the complexities of the digital age. The “I Transform Me” program focuses on developing crucial soft skills, such as change management, positive communication, conflict management, career management, problem-solving, and emotional intelligence, enabling employees to adjust continuously and effectively to changing circumstances.

Embracing Opportunities in the Digital Age

The “I Transform Me” program empowers individuals to better understand the digital age, recognize new opportunities arising from change, and embrace them with confidence. By fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptability, organizations can ensure their workforce is resilient, innovative, and prepared for the future. “In I Transform Me, I apply a science-based system that integrates technology adoption and personal growth to maximize individual growth and impact in less time,” says Kate McKay, High Performance Coach, Athlete, and contributor to the I Transform Me program.

Discover “I Transform Me”

Employees and leaders from all sectors are encouraged to discover the “I Transform Me” program and gain insights on how to be more productive in their personal and professional lives.

Special Launch Offer

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