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Full Clarity partners with Osprey Approach to enhance legal software UX

Leading independent legal software provider Osprey Approach is delighted to announce that it has partnered with award-winning UX consultancy Full Clarity to enhance its software platform user experience, helping to ensure that Osprey delivers the best in market solution for its clients.

In what is its biggest investment to date, the project intends to elevate Osprey’s case management legal software by simplifying legal work in all its forms, whilst providing an environment for continuous, customer-led improvement and innovation, so that legal professionals can easily save time and use the system to perform at their best.

Working closely with Full Clarity, whose clients include Harrods and ITV, the first phase of the project is complete. This comprised a series of UX research workshops to identify opportunities across Osprey’s platform to improve the usability and enhance the user experience. Considering client feedback requests and market needs, Full Clarity will now move into the ideate and design phases of the project.

Chelsea Goldsby, operations director at Osprey Approach said: “This is a really exciting time for Osprey Approach as we make further innovations to our software. Since its inception over 30 years ago, our feature-rich software has continued to evolve to meet the operational needs of SME law firms.

“We recognise the challenges of learning and implementing a new legal software system in a law firm and, through our partnership and investment with Full Clarity, we will introduce a number of UX best practices that will reduce those barriers further, so that Osprey’s powerful features are easily adopted and accessible for all employees in a firm to use to their best advantage.

“Having completed the first phase of this long-term investment project, we are excited to see these plans come to fruition with the first updates being delivered later this year.”

Ed Kemp, UX Director at Full Clarity, added: “In a competitive landscape, a good user experience is no longer an optional extra; it must be at the core of every touchpoint and interaction. We put UX research and UX/UI design at the heart of all our projects, and we are really excited to partner with Osprey Approach to help elevate the user experience on its feature rich software platform. We have captured deep insights in our UX research work and will use this to deliver best in class legal software, easy and intuitive for everyone in the firm to use and navigate.”