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Our quick guide to live dealer game etiquette

Live dealer games are a twist on the online casino formula, offering a combination of digital interface and physical game elements. The presence of a live dealer, who runs the game in real-time, sets these games apart from some of the other digital casino games available online.

But, just as in a land-based casino, there are certain etiquette and behavioural expectations that players need to be aware of before joining a game. Whether it’s Live Roulette or a Crazy Time game, you should know what’s expected ahead of time.

So, read on as we break down the major points of etiquette for live dealer games.

  1. Understand the game basics

The first, most important thing is not to join a game when you don’t already understand its basics. It’s so easy to read up on the basic rules of games like Blackjack, Poker or Roulette so that you’ll know the core gameplay before the game starts.

The live dealer is open to answering any questions players may have, but this doesn’t mean you should be asking them for a tutorial. Familiarise yourself with the basics of whichever game you want to try first, then try hopping into an actual live game.

  1. Be time aware

As live dealer games run in real-time there’s a big aspect of time management involved. Delays can seriously disrupt the flow of gameplay and negatively impact other players, so don’t act in a way that wastes time.

You may join a live dealer game when there’s already a round in progress, and in those cases, you’ll want to wait patiently until play opens back up.

Pay attention to any in-game timers, as many phases of gameplay are often given strict time limits to make sure that things stay on track. You don’t have to rush your decisions, but always try to act in a timely manner to avoid holding up others.

  1. Follow the game’s procedures

Any live dealer game will have an established flow of action and gameplay procedures, designed to keep things flowing smoothly. This involves placing wagers during the allotted times, and respecting the current phase of the game.

Make sure you check details such as the game’s betting limits and options before you place a wager, otherwise this could lead to confusion and disruption.

  1. Avoid distractions

While plenty of games allow for long pauses, that’s not the case with live dealer games, so don’t let yourself get distracted during a game and end up wasting time.

Try to minimise any background noise and potential interruptions, in order to properly focus on the gameplay and avoid losing track of what’s going on in the stream.

  1. Mind your manners

The in-person dealer is the biggest draw of playing live dealer games and they deserve respect. Always treat your dealer politely and keep any questions you might have focused and to the point.

No matter what the outcome of the game is, remember that the dealer is a professional doing their job.

If you follow these five tips you can experience the unique appeal of live dealer casino games. Applying proper etiquette is easy and makes a big difference to how the experience goes for everyone involved.