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Making moves: Hyve Managed Hosting expands with Switzerland services

The managed services company is now providing enterprise cloud, private cloud and colocation across 35 Equinix data centres, including those in the US, Central America and Europe.

Hyve recently announced this latest venture, bringing its award-winning enterprise cloud, private cloud and colocation to both Zurich and Geneva. The Brighton-based UK company continues to expand and, by utilising partner Equinix, is now providing these services from a total of 35 locations around the globe.

On this latest expansion announcement, Jon Lucas, co-director at Hyve, said:

“Hyve is an increasingly international business – customers place a lot of value in the quality of service we deliver and want to see us open for business wherever they are located. Our partnership with Equinix enables us to respond to this kind of customer demand very quickly and, as a result, we are delighted to make this investment to establish Hyve in this important European financial market.”

It seems like a logical pairing, as Switzerland boasts industry-leading IT infrastructure and data protection laws, and is often called the ‘secure heart of Europe’. Hyve’s managed private and enterprise cloud services are also designed to be highly secure, as they run on no single point of failure hardware, ideal for businesses that require protection of sensitive information.

Political freedom may be a corner-stone of Switzerland, but so is freedom of movement and a flexible culture. And, being built on VMware software, HPE Blade Systems and HPE 3PAR tiered storage arrays, Hyve’s solutions seem to also designed to be flexible. Hyve provides round the clock management, and its services can be set up to run across multiple data centres for disaster recovery. This provides that added security and flexibility, in a landscape where freedom of movement is crucial.

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