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How businesses can benefit & transform employee experience using smart tech

Dan Bladen, CEO and co-founder of Chargifi explains the benefits and opportunities that smart tech offers business owners and their employees

We now live in an age of digital dependency with almost 75% of the global population expected to be connected by mobile by 2020. Access to power is a deal-breaker for those looking to stay connected 24/7 – consumers demand the same, intuitive and fully connected experience throughout all aspects of work and leisure time. With almost 1 billion wireless devices said to be in circulation by 2020, the growing demand for power creates an opportunity for businesses to create productive, positive workspaces to inspire the workforce.

Providing easy access to power is not only the critical foundation to keeping app-thirsty consumers and employees powered-up, but mass deployment integrated with smart technology is also the gateway to driving engagement, efficiency and productivity within organisations.


The Rise of Flexi-Workers

The changing behaviour of employees has led to a growing demand for convenient and ubiquitous access to power. Employees are wanting to rid themselves of heavy cables and charging packs, preferring to snack on power to stay connected. They want the freedom to move seamlessly between various spaces depending on their task.

The opportunity to move around freely has become so important to today’s workforce that the freedom to decide when and where they work is favoured higher than more traditional work perks such as company cars.

As a result of the increase in remote and flexible working, there has been a significant impact on how commercial property is being used – or not. Walk into an average office building and it’s likely you’ll see that it is running at as low as 30-40% capacity. Providing flexibility, and gaining insight into how the building is being used when occupied poses a real opportunity for businesses to get ahead of the curve, and create a workplace that appeals and retains a modern workforce.


The Business Opportunities

Businesses have so much to gain from connected workspaces. Wireless charging spots can act as a trigger to connecting IoT devices to monitor usage of meeting rooms and hot-desk usage around the building. These insights give organisations deeper understanding and analysis of how, when and where their employees are working, to ensure they are creating and providing them with a connected, seamless and personalised working environment for the modern workforce, and that space is being used efficiently. For example, trigger notifications can be sent to employees’ smartphones when placed on a charging spot to notify them of other available areas of the building to ensure usage of all working areas, or which meeting rooms are occupied in real time.

Furthermore, remote management of connected devices ensures minimal disruption as a result of downtime. With the increasing reliance on power, any system outages can significantly affect business in a matter of minutes. Implementing smart technology ensures that systems and networks are constantly monitored for any potential or developing disruptions and that any problems that arise are identified and rectified quickly before they even become a problem.

Currently, wireless charging is an unexpected convenience for employees, but will soon be a necessity in offices all over the world. The connected wireless world presents a whole range of opportunities for businesses to streamline processes and engage employees . But with this comes a new expectation that workspaces will provide further personalisation – automatic ordering of food from central eateries, atmospheric control and notifications when meeting rooms are available. It is ubiquitous and convenient access to smart power that is the key to enabling this fully connected and personalised life.

If businesses can influence how and when people get access to power, then they have a genuine opportunity to understand employee behaviour, to positively transform their experience at work.



About Chargifi

Chargifi builds foundational technology that transforms the way the world Mass-Deploys, Manages and Monetizes power. We deliver a market-leading cloud management platform that enables the smart mass deployment of wireless charging; our patented solution turns wireless power into a service, delivered by our expert partners, that adds real value to business. Open API’s and SDK allows integration into software and apps, allowing data to be blended for greater insights. This valued and connected service provides a unique touch point and value exchange opportunity that can impact engagement, satisfaction and overall customer experience, which in turn drives revenue.


Chargifi is deployed by over 90 organisations in 21 countries and is backed by leading technology investors including; Intel Capital, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Techstars, Accelerated Digital Ventures, firstminute capital and R/GA Ventures.

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