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Binfer’s Enterprise Sync Version 5.0 Promises Faster, Private, & More Reliable Data Synchronization

CEO & Founder of Binfer, Imran Ahmed, explains how the company’s latest version will improve the user experience

Binfer, a secure device-to-device file transfer service, has this week announced the launch of its Enterprise Sync Version 5.0.

The debut of its latest release comes with many new features that will improve the user experience and continue the data transfer innovator’s march toward freeing the world of restrictive and insecure third-party server-based data replication solutions.

Binfer’s new Enterprise Sync Version 5.0 offers its users a faster, more reliable, and more secure way to seamlessly replicate data across multiple devices. At its core, Binfer reduces its user’s reliance on slow, costly, and unreliable third-party server-based data transfer solutions like FTP, email, and cloud-based software. The platform does this by creating a dynamic connection between the sending and receiving devices, resulting in data transfers that are intrinsically faster and more secure.

To date, Binfer’s Enterprise Sync product has provided an all-in-one platform for data replication across many devices, with no size limits. The platform has allowed users to easily detail instructions and synchronization protocols referred to as “rules” which, once established, replicate data at pre-defined intervals between the selected devices. The sync product has gained tremendous popularity among enterprises seeking a better environment for data back-up, replication, and overall collaboration within vast IT networks.

Some of the highlighted features of Version 5.0 include:

• A Complete UI Redesign: The sleek new user interface is more intuitive and easier to use, minimizing the need for new user training and complex user manuals.
• Guest Access Privileges: Users can now set and manage guest access, allowing collaborators to view and download transfer reports.
• Bandwidth Limit Options: No more bogging down of other systems while syncing large files or using up your allotted monthly bandwidth. New features allow users to set bandwidth limits as needed.
• Data Transfer Report APIs: New APIs within the reporting module enable enterprises to integrate sync reports hassle-free from a remote location.
• Remote Updates: Remote login access makes for easier updates to both the server and client.

Binfer’s Enterprise Sync solution was created for the maritime industry in response to a common need faced by the world’s largest shipping companies: a more reliable way to replicate mission critical data between hundreds of vessels and headquarters. Today, the product has evolved to not only meet the essential needs of the maritime industry but also those of world class production companies, accounting, finance, legal, and IT firms, as well as numerous other industries. Anyone experiencing unreliability, size restriction limits, or a need for more privacy when sending files via email, FTP, or through cloud-based file transfer services is a viable client for Binfer.

While Binfer’s Enterprise Sync solution is a boxed product, Binfer understands that there is no one-size-fits-all when working with the world’s leading companies. That is why all solutions are customizable based on a client’s complex data transfer needs.

“Binfer’s Enterprise Sync platform was created in response to a single client’s complex needs. Listening and responding to our clients is how we constantly improve,” says Binfer’s CEO Imran Ahmed.

“Client satisfaction is the number one goal, but a nice bi-product of customization is that if one client has a need, chances are there are many more companies out there with the same need that Binfer can then fill.”

Binfer’s Enterprise Sync Version 5.0 is a direct result of exactly that, and since Binfer has no plans of slowing down anytime soon, users can expect many more new features in the months to come. As the end of 2019 approaches, Binfer plans to invest heavily in integrating additional communication features like Chat into its platform. Consumers looking for a more private alternative to cloud-based SMS and MMS eagerly await. As it stands, the future looks bright for Binfer as it continues to position itself as a leader in device-to-device file transfer software with every new release.

About Binfer: Binfer is the next generation of secure communication software that allows messaging, collaboration, file sharing, synchronization and more without storing users’ data on any third party systems. Binfer creates a dynamic secure connection between the sending and receiving devices and transfers data directly between them. Binfer does not store any information during transit and transfers can be secured with AES 256-bit encryption.