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How does the World use the Internet?

Guest author Lauren Durfy from Post Beyond takes a look at web usage around the world:

The web is no longer the domain of the tech-a-holic, with more and more people using the internet around the world.

However, we wondered whether different countries use the internet differently – and our latest research reveals the most popular uses for the internet across OECD countries  – it’s an interesting read.

It seems the UK now uses their data to download software more than any other nation, while many countries still use the web primarily for emails.

Australia and Greece surprisingly are the finance masters, using the web for banking apps.

The biggest social media users can be found in the Netherlands, Mexico and Luxembourg, while users in Brazil, Portugal, Norway and Columbia are online news junkies.

The results are quite surprising, and one wonders if the same results will be found in 5 years time.  Until then, back to downloading software!