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Cradlepoint in-vehicle LTE router solution wins ESN accreditation for use on the new UK network

Cradlepoint, the global leader in cloud-delivered LTE and 5G Ready wireless network edge solutions, announced today that it is certified and fully authorised to deploy its NetCloud Service with the COR IBR1700-1200M mobile router across the forthcoming UK Emergency Services Network (ESN). This is the first ESN-approved cellular router at the critical service level – solidifying Cradlepoint’s status as a premier networking equipment provider to UK emergency services.

The ESN is a next-generation voice and data network for UK emergency services personnel being built on top of existing 4G networks. Cradlepoint has a long history partnering with the UK emergency services, working since ESN was announced, to connect emergency services customers to standard 4G LTE networks, ensuring they are prepared to take advantage of the transformative new critical communications service. With formal certification, Cradlepoint can now offer first responder agencies an enterprise-class connectivity solution to ESN.

Cradlepoint’s 4G LTE in-vehicle technology, which is powered by its NetCloud Service, effectively turns Blue Light vehicles into mobile offices with WiFi hotspots using the 4G LTE network. This enables these vehicles to live connect in-vehicle IT equipment such as laptops, smartphones, Mobile Data Terminals (MDT), dashboard cameras and body cameras to the Internet and vital back-office systems. Using this technology, a police officer at the site of an operation or incident can stream a live video feed back to a control centre and be assured that they will have a reliable and prioritised connection across the cellular network.

Cradlepoint is committed to collaborating with other technology companies that service the emergency services market to ensure its customers can easily access and integrate the technology they need in the field. Cradlepoint solutions are already deployed in more than 5,000 Blue Light vehicles across the UK. More than 3,000 police, fire, and ambulance services have deployed its solutions globally, including public safety and first responders in every U.S. state.

“Cradlepoint is committed to delivering best-in-class solutions designed to work in lock-step with the most advanced LTE networks,” said Peter Warren, Head of Public Safety EMEA at Cradlepoint. “Nowhere is this more important that providing fast, resilient and secure wireless connectivity for emergency services personnel on the road.”

“For the last five years we have been working with the emergency services in the UK to help them move towards 4G LTE in anticipation of ESN going live in the future. Gaining certification is important for customers with existing products and also for those that have postponed decisions until ESN is closer,” concluded Warren.

ESN aims to ensure UK Blue Light Services have a wide range of certified and approved devices that meet their diverse needs and operational requirements. 300,000 frontline emergency service users will depend on ESN, using handheld devices or operating equipment in 50,000 vehicles, 115 aircraft and 200 control rooms. ESN will be an essential part of the UK’s critical national infrastructure and will enable the emergency services to keep up with the latest technological developments.