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Komprise expands its support of NetApp platforms

Komprise has announced that it has expanded its support of NetApp platforms with two new capabilities. Komprise Deep Analytics now supports NetApp CloudVolumes ONTAP® as a source, extending existing support of on-premises NetApp environments, and Komprise Data Migration now includes a Beta release of Amazon S3-based data migration to the NetApp StorageGRID®, to simplify the migration of data across cloud platforms.

Komprise Deep Analytics, first released in September 2019, provides a single place to search across storage silos and creates a virtual data lake of just the files that fit a customer’s specific search criteria. Deep Analytics extends its support of NetApp ONTAP sources to now also include NetApp CloudVolumes ONTAP. Customers now have a single place to view, find, and tag data regardless of where it lives, and export this virtual data lake to any analytics application or destination of their choice, such as AWS Lambda. The resulting data set can be operated on as a discrete entity – all the permissions, access control, security and metadata are kept intact as this data lake moves.

Data migrations can be costly, error-prone, time consuming and laborious. Komprise Data Migration eliminates the cost, manual effort, and complexity of migrations across NFS and SMB. Today, Komprise is releasing a Beta of Data Migration S3 to simplify migrating object data across clouds. Pick any S3 source, and pick a S3 target such as NetApp StorageGRID, and Komprise does the rest. Easily run multiple migrations in parallel and manage with a single pane of glass. Komprise efficiently manages the migration, throttles as needed, and retries on network and storage failures so you don’t have to.

“Our mission is to ensure that every company, regardless of how or where they store their data, can gain performance improvement and cost reduction benefits from understanding how data is used and storing it in the appropriate place,” commented Krishna Subramanian, COO at Komprise.

“By mapping, analysing and automatically moving data usage at the file level, our customers are decreasing data storage costs by up to 70% and reducing the time and resources needed to identify data for analytics projects. Extending our partnership with NetApp means that now all NetApp customers, whether cloud or on-premises users, can benefit from Komprise’s expertise, and existing customers can gain more from the platform.”

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