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bluedog’s new compliance module allows firms to reassure customers

bluedog Security Monitoring – the award-winning cybersecurity start-up which aims to revolutionise managed detection and response (MDR) services – has launched a new compliance module which enables users to check the status of their cybersecurity at any time.

The new service displays their compliance with a wide range of standards including the new Cyber Essentials regime via a simple dashboard. It offers almost instant reporting, enabling IT teams to provide the board with up-to-date, easy to understand information.

The system is ideal for organisations which require greater oversight of their cybersecurity or want to provide added reassurance to customers. They can produce reports to support tenders or new business pitches, or share information openly on their website to increase customer confidence.

bluedog, which was launched earlier this year by founder Paul Lomax and cybersecurity expert Tim Thurlings, aims to make MDR services accessible to businesses of all sizes, enabling them to enhance their security and detect threats which may bypass traditional endpoint security and firewalls.

The bluedog system uses artificial intelligence to spot unusual activity on a company’s network. It then alerts bluedog’s security operations centre, where the team analyses abnormal user behavior and respond to incidents if required.

The introduction of the compliance module takes bluedog’s service to a new level. The dashboard displays information on factors such as incident management, vulnerability, patch management, configuration and compliance with key standards such as ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, GDPR and the NIST Cyber Security Framework.

Tim Thurlings said:

“bluedog monitors a company’s network 24/7, checking for threats and vulnerabilities. The new compliance module provides visibility of that, allowing them to see just how secure and compliant their business really is.

“It removes the huge time and cost involved in reporting to compliance officers, and allows IT teams to demonstrate compliance to the board, thus showing the value of their work. As organisations demand ever higher standards of their suppliers, it enables businesses to provide the reassurance they require.

“Cybersecurity is a fast-changing environment. By helping businesses to maintain standards day in day out, bluedog’s compliance services reduces their cyber insurance costs and improve their competitive edge.”

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