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Nearly Two Thirds of Organizations Cite Hybrid or Private Cloud as the Future Infrastructure of Choice

Leaseweb USA, a leading hosting and cloud services company, today released the results of its “Developer IaaS Insights Study,” based on a survey conducted at DeveloperWeek Austin. The research revealed that 61.4% of companies see hybrid cloud (31.6%) or private cloud (29.8%) as the infrastructure for the future of their company, and 75.9% of developers prioritized scalability, speed, ease of use and cost as top factors when choosing their IaaS hosting solution.

“As companies evolve, their hosting needs and capabilities also evolve,” said Lex Boost, CEO of Leaseweb USA.

“Understanding why companies choose to migrate to an IaaS solutions vendor provides insight to not only the marketplace, but what value vendors can bring to the businesses. This survey is a microcosmic example of the current industry trend. The power, speed, flexibility and functionality of dedicated, hybrid and private cloud infrastructure environments are undeniable. Companies are shifting back to custom solutions designed to fit their exact needs, in this precise moment of their company lifecycle. The mettle of metal cannot be ignored.”

The results are particularly significant when considering that less than 20% of respondents believe they are using the industry standard, are happy with the performance of their infrastructure and have no plans to change. Further, 51.7% plan on migrating in the next two years while 26.7% have not yet made a decision as to whether they will migrate in the same timeframe.

Clearly, most companies are reevaluating their DevOps infrastructures, and will either be migrating to solutions or considering solutions that more thoroughly meet their hosting and infrastructure requirements.

Barriers to Migration

To assist developers who are looking for the right fit for their company’s DevOps infrastructure needs, providers need to address cost of migration and the size of the job which rose to the top as barriers to migration that remain a prohibitive factor. Cost of migration or the size of the job were cited as top barriers to migration by 37.5% of companies, while 24.2% of respondents identified cost alone as the top barrier.

The survey also revealed 15% aren’t sure what to outsource, 8.3% are not finding the right partner and 3.3% are held ransom by public cloud providers.