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Greenbone launches new vulnerability management service platform to boost reseller security portfolios

Greenbone Networks, a leading provider of vulnerability management solutions, today announced it is launching a new service platform that will enable its UK channel partners to offer customers vulnerability management (VM) as a fully managed service. Ideal for micro-businesses and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), the new Greenbone Managed Service (GMS) platform will offer enterprise-grade protection without the need to purchase hardware or software, or for any specialist cybersecurity expertise. The new platform will be available in the second quarter of 2020.

Greenbone’s proven VM solution, which is also available as a hardware solution and via virtual appliance, helps organisations strengthen the resilience of their IT infrastructures against growing cyber threats by allowing them to identify and prioritise security vulnerabilities and initiate protective mechanisms. The new GMS platform will ensure that companies of all sizes – from micro-businesses, branch offices and small medical practices, right up to international corporations – can all benefit from the same robust level of protection.

The GMS platform, which be offered on a monthly OPEX basis, will be available in the UK exclusively via resellers and channel partners, which can individually adapt the platform layout and add their own complementary services. Hosted in data centres in Germany and fully GDPR compliant, the service will scan both public and internal IP addresses, providing full reporting on all vulnerabilities detected. Greenbone’s channel partners will be able to manage service delivery, evaluate the reports, and take remedial action if vulnerabilities are detected.

Pricing will depend on the number of IP addresses analysed, with packages starting at ten addresses. Payment will be by monthly subscription, and customers can scale up and down, according to their changing needs. As companies grow and their requirements evolve, they also have the option to use Greenbone’s VM service as a hardware solution, a virtual appliance, a managed service, or as a combination of all three.

Dirk Schrader, Cyber Resilience Strategist and CMO at Greenbone, commented:

“Small businesses don’t often have the resources or know-how to protect themselves effectively. With our new service platform, we are creating a simple way to carry out vulnerability analysis without the need for expensive hardware or hard-to-find cybersecurity expertise. This rounds off our vulnerability management offering and enables companies of all sizes to more effectively ensure sustainable cyber resilience across their IT infrastructures.”

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