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Weighted Blankets Start-Up Eyes ‘Cure for Sleep Disorders’

An Australian start-up has recently launched in the UK to help cure people suffering from sleep disorders, something that affects 16 million adults in the UK every year.

The UK has a well-known sleeping problem, with the average Briton receiving less than 7 hours per night, the lowest in Europe and 67% of adults admit to having disrupted sleep on a nightly basis.

But a new start-up has launched and is looking to solve the problem of a bad night’s sleep. offers a new product known as weighted blankets, which weigh between 4.5kg to 9kg and are designed to offer comfort, security and activate the nervous system to provide a better quality night’s sleep.

The company was founded in 2017, in Adelaide, Australia and has successfully sold over 50,000 units across Australia and New Zealand before launching in the UK late last year, with head offices in Northampton.

Whilst the product is targeted at helping those with sleep disorders and insomnia, it is has also found popularity amongst small children and particularly providing comfort to those with autism.

The purpose of weighted blankets is that the added weighted can activate the nervous system, helping you to identify where your body parts are in relation to your environment. Their website explains that this allows you to ‘calm down faster, relax more easily, and sleep more soundly.’

The site continues to state that: “Proprioceptive input or ‘deep touch pressure stimulation’ through weighted blankets can increase your awareness of your body parts and calms your sensory behaviours.” The result is that weighted blankets can help you feel more aware of your environment, reduce tossing and turning, and provide much needed comfort and rest.

Calming Blanket is made with unique non-toxic glass beads that are evenly distributed for mental and physical well-being. Any products are delivered in a reusable, environmentally friendly bag.

Children’s blankets start from £119.00 and adult blankets start from £149.00 with bamboo covers available and free delivery within 2 to 4 days.

Other products include ‘The Oodie’ – a giant blanket outfit, also weighted to provide comfort and perfect for lounging around the house. Customers can also choose from a range of products including a weight koala toy for children, bamboo covers and sensory sheets.