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2020: The tipping point for wireless power

Dan Bladen, CEO and co-founder of Chargifi, discusses why we can expect to see demand for wireless charging increase in 2020

Never more than now has convenient access to power been in greater demand as a result of our ‘always on’ lifestyles; consumer demands are shifting to prioritise power over anything else. In fact, according to the latest survey by the Wireless Power Consortium, ‘battery anxiety’ remains high and has increased year-on-year – 73% of consumers experience battery anxiety.

With Apple announcing earlier this year all devices from the iPhone 8 upwards are shipped with wireless charging, this puts the number of wireless charging devices at around 1 billion. As we enter a new decade, all the signs are that this is set to increase – with the number expected to rise even higher to around 1.7 billion at the beginning of 2020. Apple’s intention to switch its users to a 100% wireless experience speaks volumes.

As we enter a new decade, wireless charging will be faster, we’ll see rumours about laptop wireless charging and more and more consumers will be carrying wireless charging enabled devices with the expectation of being able to power up seamlessly. In fact, research has revealed that 50% of employees expect wireless charging in their office space.

The demand gives businesses an opportunity to monetise on power – the critical foundation to the consumer experience. The deployment of a cloud-managed, smart wireless charging service can increase engagement, satisfaction and loyalty, enhancing service and driving revenue. Mass deployment of smart wireless charging can access and act on insight that Wi-Fi alone, cannot.