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How Non-Profits Can Use Digital Marketing Techniques

The words ‘digital marketing’ may conjure up images of big corporations using their clout, but really, it’s something that businesses, charities and non-profits of all sizes can benefit from. People increasingly use the internet and social media to form opinions on politics, so it’s a good place to campaign and seek to influence people for good. Here are some ways non-profits can use digital marketing techniques to spread the word.

Using SEO

SEO – or search engine optimisation – is the process of getting your site to the top of Google. So, for example, if people search for information on your cause or certain keywords, the aim would be to get your site higher in the search results, so people are more likely to click on it. While there are SEO techniques you can do yourself, it’s best to use an agency such as Click Intelligence to deal with the technical side, as this will give you the best possible results.

Email marketing

If you have a list of people interested in your cause and want to reach out to them, then email marketing may be the way to go. Many people are glad to have something in their inbox other than sales spam, so this kind of approach can work well for non-profits, whether you’re fundraising, asking people to sign a petition, or just keeping them up to date with your work. There are lots of examples of effective email marketing campaigns online to help inspire your own.

Local search

If you have a local base and are running a non-profit for the benefit of the community, then you should also ensure you’re visible in local search results. This is important for services from animal rehoming centres to food banks. Check you have a listing on Google My Business and keep it up to date with the correct contact details and opening hours. This will ensure that when people need you, you’re easy to find.

Social media

Many of the small campaigns that have gone viral started their life on social media. Social media is hugely influential when it comes to campaigning, and it’s a good way to get through to people when you need to raise funds, need volunteers, or need other resources such as donations. Spend time growing your social media following and keep people up to date with the work you’re doing, so not all your posts are asking for things. People love to see where their donations are going, and will no doubt be happy to follow you if you provide interesting content.

Although your organisation may not be focused on making a profit, non-profits still need to promote themselves in order to spread their message. Whether you’re a political group looking to spread the word on their campaigns, or a charity in need of help, taking to the internet and social media is an excellent way of getting through to the right people at the right time.