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Adverttu’s driver perks get better and better

Adverttu, the fast-growing AdTech company redefining out of home advertising, has added another two partner rewards (Revolut and Vitl) to its driver mobile app.

Free to use, people earn money with Adverttu by letting brands advertise on their cars. Drivers can earn up to £150 per month and join an already 10,000-strong community enjoying passive income and exciting rewards from Revolut, Vitl, KERB, Dropless, TransferGo, Bloom & Wild and other partners.

Latest rewards: Any driver opening a Revolut Freelance or Business account through the Adverttu app receives a free £50 when depositing the same amount. Vitl is offering a free 30-day trial of personalised vitamins and 40% off a DNA test to discover your ideal diet, exercise and lifestyle.

Artjom Jekimtsev, CEO and founder of Adverttu said:

“Earning extra money is simple with Adverttu – you go about your daily business or commute, match with a campaign, wrap your car via our vetted suppliers, then drive as normal. Our specially curated rewards are just another compelling benefit of driving with Adverttu, whether it’s free money courtesy of Revolut or discounts from an exciting digital service.”

Artjom continued:

“We turn our drivers’ cars into money generating assets in many ways, whether that’s getting some extra cash on the side, offering gig economy workers another simple way to earn more or lowering an individual’s monthly lease or motoring costs.”

For brands advertising through Adverttu, benefits include fully simulated campaigns prior to launch, accurate CPM and effective reach analysis, dramatically lower costs compared to other advertising channels, and more memorable ads with higher recall and stronger attribution measurement.

Advanced algorithms leveraging AI and Machine Learning combined with Computer Vision technologies add even more value over time, from greater real-time impression measurement accuracy to intelligent attribution analysis.

For more information on how to earn while driving, raise brand awareness using the Adverttu platform or to become a partner, visit or download the Adverttu app on Google Play or Apple iOS.