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Pega Makes Low-Code App Development Faster And Easier With New Pega Express Methodology Built Right Into Pega Platform

Pegasystems Inc., the software company empowering digital transformation at the world’s leading enterprises, today announced Pega Express™ – a new low-code software development methodology seamlessly integrated within Pega Platform™. This industry-first methodology guides users step by step to quickly design and deploy Minimum Lovable Products (MLPs) and evolve and extend them into the future.

Based on Pega’s decades of low-code software development experience, the Pega Express methodology brings to life a design-thinking approach through a guided drag-and-drop interface within Pega Platform’s App Studio environment. App builders can efficiently, effectively, and collaboratively build their new apps by:

  • • Designing each microjourney: Pega guides app builders in designing each microjourney – small but high-value case types within an application such as “inquire about service,” “dispute a charge,” or “onboard a new partner.” App builders design each microjourney and their associated processes.
  • Selecting different personas and channels: App builders select different user personas and define how they engage in the app. For example, they can specify how a ‘customer,’ ‘customer service agent,’ or ‘lending manager’ will uniquely interact with a new loan origination app at different stages of each microjourney. App builders can also activate the most appropriate engagement channels, such as a self-service portal, mobile device, or an agent desktop, for each persona.
  • Integrating relevant data: Pega takes the complexity out of data integration by providing a complete view of relevant data sources – such as CRM, ERP, or other databases. By visualizing this integration landscape on a single screen, Pega allows app builders to easily validate the data completeness of each microjourney and create a record of who did what at each stage.
    With these foundational elements defined, Pega Platform automatically generates the application and the accompanying documentation with the click of a mouse. Clients can create their first product release – or their MLP – in a matter of weeks. The Pega Express methodology lays the foundation to easily add new app functionality as business needs change, ensuring the first release and subsequent iterations deliver fast time to value.

Pega Platform is a cloud-based application development platform that gives anyone the power and freedom to create rich user experiences and immersive customer journeys. With an intuitive visual approach to application development, it enables better collaboration between business and IT, faster time to market, and lower costs. As part of the Pega Infinity™ digital transformation software suite, Pega Platform also includes AI, case management, and end-to-end automation capabilities, and seamlessly extends applications to any channel or device.

The Pega Express methodology will be available with the release of Pega Platform 8.4 expected at the end of this February. For more information on Pega Express, visit

“By incorporating design-thinking principles into how applications are created, we have turbocharged the pace of change in digital transformation,” said Don Schuerman, CTO and vice president, product marketing, Pegasystems.

“By infusing Pega Express methodology within Pega Platform, we’ve reinvented how businesspeople can engage with and evolve the systems that run their business, allowing them to quickly react to customer needs and stay ahead of competitors.”