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CompTIA partners with SkillsTx to offer personalised training solutions to plug IT skills gap in businesses

CompTIA, the leading provider of vendor-neutral skills certifications for information technology (IT) professionals around the world, has today announced a partnership with SkillsTx, a platform based on the SFIA (Skills Framework for the Information Age) framework.

The SkillsTx SaaS solution empowers technology specialists within businesses, their managers, and the executive to fully embed digital skills management, allowing businesses to identify and eliminate specific skills gaps within the organisation. Following an initial assessment, conducted within the platform and designed to highlight any opportunities for development, SkillsTx prescribes personalised development pathways for users, something which offers a clear and actionable plan.

As part of this partnership, CompTIA’s certifications suite will be added as an option in the development pathway and using the platform, companies will then be able to contact CompTIA to arrange training. To date, two million of CompTIA’s vendor-neutral certifications have been issued worldwide, and this partnership promises to spring-board companies using SkillsTx towards a solidified skill-set.

Many companies aren’t fully aware of the development needs of their digital, cybersecurity, software development and ICT Workforce, whether that is short, medium or long term. Without this awareness, there is significant risk of visible business disruption.

Almost a quarter (22.2%) of workers leave their jobs due to issues with career development, such as a lack of growth opportunities, and Gartner research also suggests that 75% of organisations will experience visible business disruption by 2020, specifically as a result of the skills available.

Matthew Burrows, President of SkillsTx, said: “SkillsTx as a platform is going from strength to strength and link ups with industry leaders such as CompTIA is yet further confirmation of this. Early stage mapping of the platform is showing a strong link between CompTIA’s offer and the needs of our users, with several organisations’ desired training outcomes pointing to CompTIA as the recommended training solution.”

Graham Hunter, VP of Skills at CompTIA, added: “Skills gaps make a tangible impact on productivity. Companies need to address this directly, and consistent training and certifications for employees is crucial for this. Immediate access to relevant and reliable learning pathways enables companies to ensure their employees adapt as technology does, and are prepared for the challenges emerging technology can bring.”