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TransientX, Inc. announces availability of its product and services in Europe

TransientX has announced the distribution partnership with Retrieve S.R.L to serve the customers in European Union.

The TransientX solution, TransientAccess, allows users to connect on demand by leveraging disposable networking technology to seamlessly connect to internal applications. This setup has normally required VPN and other remote access solutions that generally introduce significant and unnecessary security risk to organizations.

TransientAccess allows organizations to implement Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) without any friction, usually in less than an hour. It does not rely on a vendor cloud solution to be in the middle. Its data tunnels are peer to peer and encrypted with 2048 bits DTLS.

TransientAccess is an ideal solution for customers that seek for data privacy and GDPR compliance while implementing secure remote access for all its users.

“Legacy solutions like traditional VPNs or SSL VPNs are not designed for the Cloud they are also not optimized for The B.Y.O.D(Bring Your Own Device) era we live in today.  Trust is embedded in the fabric of the networks built by these solutions, and as recent high-profile breaches have shown they extend this inherent flaw to 3rd party vendors. This phenomenon now sets the scene for continued major data breaches via this route.”, says Egemen TAS, CEO of TransientX, Inc.

“The partnership Between TransientX and Retrieve allows us to offer a radically simple quality solution to 3rd party user access all across Europe, making it able to also support our global clients.”, according to Xavier Hucklenbruch, MD of Retrieve Holdings SRL.

The company is encouraging parties who have interest to reach out and request a trial to see for themselves the power of the platform and service. Clients interested may reach out to or contact TransientX directly for an introduction to one of the trusted partners in their area. More information is available here: