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Adobe Creative Cloud Integrates with Canvas to Deliver Creativity & Imagination Opportunities

Instructure is collaborating with Adobe to provide greater creativity and imagination opportunities for students within the Canvas Learning Management System. Adobe Creative Cloud has been integrated with Canvas, allowing millions of students and educators to access projects from creative tools like Spark, Photoshop and Illustrator more quickly and easier than ever, right inside the LMS they use every day.

“We know that creating memorable educational experiences lays a strong foundation for lifelong learning,” said Tara Gunther, Vice President of Partnerships at Instructure. “As educators bring Creative Cloud and Spark into the classroom via Canvas they can build their students’ digital literacy as well as the essential ‘soft skills’ the modern workplace demands, including creativity, storytelling, collaboration, and presentation skills.”

Creative Cloud delivers a complete set of industry-standard apps and services that empower students and educators to create professional-quality communications, including photographs, illustrations, infographics, layouts, animations, videos, web and mobile experiences, and more.

Adobe Spark — part of Creative Cloud, but also available as a separate license that’s free for education customers — offers simple tools that make it easy for students to create beautifully designed research papers, essays, posters, presentations, graphics, and short videos for any class. Educators can use Spark to create their own class materials and assignment templates as well.

“Adobe and Canvas are two of my favorite teaching tools and now they work together!” said Ann Riding, Teacher Librarian at North Davis Junior High in Utah. “We just finished our first integrated project and I’m so happy. Every student completed their Photoshop poster along with a learning journal on a Spark Page and both were submitted into Canvas. It’s easy to keep track when everything is assigned and submitted through Canvas.”

Simplifying access to Adobe tools through Canvas

Through Creative Cloud’s integration with the Canvas API and LTI Advantage, Instructure is providing access to essential learning tools in an environment where teachers and students are already spending a great deal of their time.

To connect Canvas with Spark and/or Creative Cloud, IT administrators need to sign in to Canvas, toggle on the relevant developer keys from Adobe, and then complete steps to install the software either globally or into select courses.
At schools that have Creative Cloud licenses, educators and students can access their Creative Cloud apps directly within the Rich Content Editor within Canvas. They can sign in, see the apps that are available to them, and even launch the latest apps from within Canvas.

At schools that have Spark licenses, users can sign in and access Spark right from Canvas. Educators can create assignments using Spark, starting either with templates or open-ended web pages, videos, or graphics. They can enter assignment names, add instructions for students, and send Spark assignments through Canvas. Students can open assignments in Spark online, complete the work, and turn them in with a few clicks. The Spark assignments will be frozen at the time of submission, and educators can easily view and comment on them in Canvas SpeedGrader.

“This integration will open new opportunities to expand students’ learning outcomes with respect to creativity and digital fluency,” says Marcio A. Oliveira, Assistant Vice President, Academic Technology & Innovation, University of Maryland. “Students and instructors can now easily engage with Adobe creative apps embedded right within the LMS environment that they interact with every day.”

For more information
To learn more about the integration between Canvas and Adobe tools and see steps for signing in, creating assignments, and more, read the article on Adobe’s support site.