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OutSystems Extends COVID-19 Community Response Support Platform to 18 Municipalities in Portugal

OutSystems announced the launch of the Integrated Management Platform that facilitates resource sharing across 18 municipalities in Portugal. The Lisbon Metropolitan Area, the Lisbon City Council, Deloitte, Hi Interactive, and OutSystems all partnered on the successful initiative launched as part of the COVID-19 Community Response Program, which seeks to create up to 20 apps to help fight the coronavirus.

The Integrated Management Platform allows 18 municipalities around Lisbon, Portugal to quickly and effectively share products, equipment, and services, optimising the resources of each municipality and improving collaboration between them during the current emergency situation.

Using the OutSystems low-code platform, the parties collaborated to create a sophisticated marketplace in just two weeks. “With the platform, each municipality can manage all the assets and services it offers, while also sharing information, replenishing supplies, and accessing resources from their own stock. It also allows them to request resources from neighbouring municipalities and set automatic alerts on the availability of certain items.

Well over 300 items are already being managed on the platform, including resources in high demand during the pandemic situation such as gel alcohol, disinfectant, nitrile gloves, surgical masks, and goggles. Soon, it will be possible to manage many other medical materials, food, vehicles, accommodations, and other strategic items.

“Facing this new reality, there’s a growing need for us to adapt. The OutSystems COVID-19 Community Response Program intends to help with that adjustment in a concrete and real way,” explains Gonçalo Gaiolas, Product VP at OutSystems. “Since we launched this program on March 16th we have launched several projects that impact multiple parts of society, like the culture sector and public health. We hope that this platform can grow so other government agencies can leverage it.”

“With this Integrated Management Platform, the Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon (AML) aims to ensure that those who fight daily for our well-being can continue to do so under the best possible conditions,” added Carlos Humberto de Carvalho, First Metropolitan Secretary of Metropolitan Area of Lisbon Executive Committee. “Using the OutSystems platform, we were able to create a tool that is intuitive and collaborative, helping us exchange information and cooperate on filling needs when they’re needed most.”

“Technology can play a critical role in municipalities’ efforts to respond to community needs during the pandemic,” said César Marto, Partner and leader of Deloitte Portugal’s OutSystems center of excellence. “Through the COVID-19 Community Response Program, the Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon has tapped the power of low-code, rapid application development to create a strategic information resource in this time of need.”

For more information on the Lisbon Metropolitan Area Integrated Management Platform, watch this video.

The COVID-19 Community Response Program allows free access to OutSystems low-code software, capable of operating large-scale projects throughout the pandemic period. The program also guarantees full-time support from the OutSystems Advocates team to train, support and work with the teams of programmers on each of the projects.

For more information about the community and the program visit the COVID-19 Community Response Program page.