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New app set to boost employee and employer confidence as UK plans return to work

A new wellbeing app is set to empower employers and their employees with the confidence to return to work in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

The Halsall Wellbeing Monitoring App has been designed and developed to provide an effective and easily administered method of generating the reassurance and confidence which will be required by all businesses, organisations and communities to achieve a back-to-work mindset when restrictions are gradually lifted.

The app is the brainchild of tech entrepreneur Martin Halsall, owner of Halsall Technology, whose involvement and understanding of cutting-edge tech previously led him to designing Agent Analyser, a property reporting and management tool for estate agents which he sold to leading publishing group Trinity Mirror PLC in 2008.

Martin also founded and owned the Halsall Racing Team, a leading British Superbike Championship squad and as a result of his experience and knowledge within the sport, several high profile racing championships across the world look set to adopt the app as part of their safety measures when action returns.

Recognising the role which all members of society will need to play in exiting from the current lockdown measures, Halsall Technology has designed its Wellbeing Monitoring App to benefit employers and employees alike.
The app records users’ wellbeing status twice a day with minimal but relevant monitoring records held and deleted on a timed basis over a rolling programme.

All records will remain private between employer and employee, with no contact or location monitoring taking place. The app will give all employees reassurance that colleagues are self-reporting their wellbeing status twice daily along with the knowledge their employers are doing everything they can to make the workplace as safe as possible.

“We find ourselves in strange times in a situation no-one could’ve ever prepared or planned for and one of the biggest concerns facing the country right now is getting people back to work safely,” said Martin Halsall.

“By using the Halsall Wellbeing Monitoring App, both employer and employees are acknowledging their joint responsibilities in working towards achieving the level of confidence and assurance that is necessary in generating the back-to-work mindset needed to regain some degree of normality.

“So far, we’ve had a very positive reaction with many businesses and sports organisations already planning to introduce the app and we believe it will make the whole process of going to back to work less stressful and bring peace of mind.”

In summary, the Halsall Wellbeing Monitoring App will:

  • Allow employees to record and employers to monitor risk to self and others regarding coronavirus transmission, thereby generating reassurance within the workplace
  • Demonstrate an observable and realistic commitment to corporate social responsibility for organisations and employers
  • Demonstrate the reciprocal commitment of employees to self-monitor and provide a visible indication of their wellbeing status at any given time
  • Provide a long-term monitoring facility to assist in local control of further subsequent COVID-19 outbreaks as appropriate.