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Arcus Global awarded Innovate UK fund

Arcus Global, a cloud solutions provider for the public sector, has been awarded £49,000 in funding from Innovate UK to develop an AI voice assistant to support vulnerable people within local communities.

Over the next few months, Arcus Global will develop a new, innovative AI enabled voice assistant that will help authorities and front-line health services gather voice responses via phone lines from vulnerable members of the public to address disruption caused during the current pandemic.

In times of crisis, authorities need to distribute messages and gather information from members of the public but it can be difficult to communicate with the vulnerable including the elderly population who do not all have access to the internet. The new AI voice assistant bridges the ‘Digital Divide’ allowing authorities and health services to quickly call and triage vulnerable citizens that require assistance.

Denis Kaminskiy, Co-Founder of Arcus Global comments: “The whole experience will mirror the interactions callers would have with a human operator. We’ve decided to use traditional phone lines, so that authorities can reach a large volume of citizens and collect information using a series of questions. The assistant will be able to converse with callers and provide intelligent responses to questions. Ultimately, helping authorities to identify and highlight issues, problems or possible emergencies.”

With powerful natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, the AI voice assistant provides organisations with a way to quickly, securely and reliably gather data, without deploying thousands of additional call agents in call centres. Using this information local authorities are then able to check an individual’s well-being status and make informed decisions based on their needs. The assistant will have powerful built in analytics and APIs, making it a valuable tool to be deployed across a variety of services and uses.

Arcus Global is one of 800 selected companies awarded a total of £40 million grant funding from Innovate UK to deliver projects that address the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.