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Datadobi Announces DobiProtect for Heightened Business Continuity

Datadobi has announced DobiProtect enhancements to help organizations maintain the highest standards of business continuity. With DobiProtect, companies will be able to easily create a ‘golden copy’ of their business-critical file and object data in its native format across heterogeneous systems. This golden copy enables companies to quickly restore business operations that rely on unstructured data when serious disruptions occur such as cyberattacks, ransomware, insider threats, storage platform-specific bugs, natural disasters, etc.

With business operations becoming increasingly reliant on unstructured data being immediately accessible, DobiProtect customers are giving themselves a fighting chance to get their activities up and running fast by simply keeping a golden copy of core business-critical data. Customers can keep their data in a bunker site, in the cloud, or behind an air gap. The choice is entirely theirs as DobiProtect gives them the freedom to choose any NAS or object storage.

Factory production data is a particularly poignant example of business-critical unstructured data that organizations must have reliable and immediate access to. Without that access, capital goods sit idle—an impact of downtime that will become costly very quickly. Customer orders, invoices, and contracts are just a few additional examples of unstructured data that is required every day and can cripple a business if not immediately available.

With the global average cost of a data breach at $3.86M[1], companies must have a simple, cost-effective way of creating a golden copy of their core unstructured data that can be used immediately in the case of a disaster or data breach. In order to control costs, they require the ability to select only essential data and protect it on a schedule that suits their business needs and recovery point objectives (RPO). They also need to be able to utilize any suitable storage platform or cloud as a target no matter where the data is coming from. In addition, companies need to be able to recover to any storage platform, cloud, or failover quickly and not have to wait until the original source is recovered or a replacement is found, reducing the recovery time objectives (RTO).

DobiProtect helps enterprises quickly identify mission-critical unstructured data and isolate it as a golden copy in a location of their choice—whether a physical ‘bunker,’ in the cloud, or behind an air gap. In the event of an interruption, companies can easily restore the data at a granular level to any NAS or object system or point their applications to the golden copy while they are getting their primary systems back online. DobiProtect simplifies the data copy and recovery process and is built on Datadobi’s tried-and-true architecture that is used in many of the world’s largest and most complex environments.

Time is money. And in business, downtime can cause significant damage to reputation and the bottom-line,” remarked Carl D’Halluin, CTO, Datadobi. “Yet, new data disruptions are constantly arising—causing increasingly complicated and lengthy interruptions. DobiProtect makes it very easy for an organization to protect its most business-critical unstructured data and enables them to continue operating despite even the most unforeseen disruptions. We’re helping businesses face known and unknown threats head-on and allowing them to be confident that in a worst-case scenario they can quickly access essential data and keep the business functioning.”

“At a time when ransomware and cyber threats seem relentless, our customers are increasingly anxious about what will hit them next,” said Dale Foster, CEO and President of Climb Channel Solutions. “They want a simple solution that will help them avoid prolonged outages and deal with the challenges of protecting unstructured data. DobiProtect is uniquely designed to take on the complexity of unstructured data copy in enterprise environments and provide an end-to-end, automated, and multi-vendor solution. It is specifically architected to make today’s unstructured data protection efforts quick and cost-effective, resulting in safe, accurate, and worry-free outcomes.”

“Unstructured data is a critical data type for many companies today. Numerous industry segments have seen a large increase in unstructured data to fuel their current set of applications and business needs,“ said Marc Staimer, Dragon Slayer Consulting.  “Once the data is created, businesses require data protection tools such as DobiProtect to eliminate data loss and protect against ransomware. Maintaining a dedicated copy in a safe, secure site ensures business operations can continue without interruptions.”

[1] Source:  IBM Security, “Cost of a Data Breach, August 2020”