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Parcel2Go’s new app will change how you send parcels forever

Have you been swept up in the crafting boom to have come out of the pandemic? Has a clear-out of the attic left you with some items to make a pretty penny on? If so, you’ll need to know how to send these items to your customers in the best way.

Parcel2Go has let users browse many different couriers for the best price for some time. But now, they can do so with an even more powerful platform.

The company’s new app is set to revolutionise how we send larger items across the country. So let’s look at how this game-changer is made.

The app that does it all

Parcel2Go are understandably proud of their new baby and they reckon it is now the one-stop shop for anyone looking to send a parcel via courier.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We’ve updated our app with new features that new and existing customers will love. In fact, there’s very little you can’t do with our app that you can do on our website.

“Compare parcel prices and postal rates from the most reliable parcel delivery companies – saving you time, effort and money. And because we work with all of the industry’s biggest and best couriers you still get the widest range of services right at your fingertips.”

Adam Harris, Parcel2Go managing director, also points out that the new features have been developed specifically with customer feedback in mind, making it the perfect platform for anyone needing to get quick, efficient and affordable deliveries made.

“We’re delighted to launch the ‘new and improved’ Parcel2Go App,” he said.

“We listened to customer feedback every step of the way, and our team has worked hard to design an app that gives users the best possible parcel delivery experience – and the most features and functionality of any parcel comparison app on the market.”

The new features

So what makes this new app so good? Let’s take a look:

  • Multiple parcel-sending options: If your new cottage industry has orders flying in, don’t worry. You can keep tabs on everything from one place.
  • Biometric sign in: If your phone or tablet has a fingerprint scanner, face recognition or iris-recognition technology, you can use this to keep your app secure.
  • New and improved order journey: No need to go hunting through your contacts book to find the details of your customers – the app will store them all for you so you can send at the tap of a finger.
  • Wallet option for in-store label printing: iPhone users can benefit from in-store label printing via Apple Wallet.

How to download the Parcel2Go app

If you need to shift some products, the Parcel2Go app is your go-to destination for everything in the world of couriers. Apple device holders can find it in the App Store, while Google Play is the destination for Android users.