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How can Voice-Operated Devices help those with a Disability?

Just a decade or so ago, the ability to talk to a device and have it carry out your instructions was the stuff of science-fiction. Voice-activated devices don’t just make life more convenient for the average person. If you’re facing mobility challenges, the technology can make a significant difference to quality of life – in much the same way as a mobility vehicle that’ll give a wheelchair-user the ability to drive again. Let’s examine how:

Help around the Home

If you find it difficult to place orders using a smartphone touchscreen, or a mouse and keyboard, then a voice-assistant can make shopping that much simpler. You can use the voice assistant to order whatever products you need, and, in the case of Amazon’s Echo devices, the order will go straight to the Amazon warehouse. What could be easier?

Calling for Help

For certain disabled people, there’s a constant risk that you’ll find yourself in an awkward predicament. With a voice assistant, you don’t need to find your way to the phone – you can just call for help, wherever you might be in the room. Thus, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing help is always available. For best results, you’ll want to install microphones in every room that you’re likely to spend time – or in places where accidents are likely to occur.

Setting Timers

If you need to medicate throughout the day, it can be useful to set regular reminders. That way, you can be confident that you’re not going to miss a pill. With the confidence that comes with this, can feel free to move on with all of the other activities you’ve got planned! You can even get on with quite complicated cookery tasks without having to rely on guesswork ever again.


A voice assistant can help you to find out who’s at the door before you get up to check. Simply ask who’s there. You’ll need a compatible doorbell to receive a reply, and it takes a little bit of technical fiddling to get the video to appear on a handy display – but once this work is done, you’ll be able to answer the door from anywhere in the house. Never get up to deal with a door-to-door salesperson again! You can also use voice commands to lock and unlock doors and windows, making it easy to let people in and out.

Relieve Physical Stress

Many of the everyday tasks that many people take for granted can be a source of constant, low-level physical stress. Opening fridge doors, drawing blinds and curtains – they can be automated with the right system of motors and a voice command. This can help you to avoid unnecessary stress, and, in the long-term, to avoid pain and injury.