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Five unusual birthday gifts to give your friends or a relative

Whoever you are, we all have that one person who is impossible to buy for. The likelihood is, it’s one of your friends or even a family member. Whether it’s a grumpy teenager, a man who reply to any suggestions with an ‘I don’t mind,’ or the woman who has it all, we really don’t know what to get them. So, here are some gifts for different types of people, to help you please the picky people.

#1 For the gamer in your life

There is always such anticipation when it comes to the gaming community, and if you want to give the gamer something they’ll like, you’ll probably get them a voucher. However, sometimes a STEAM voucher can be a bit dull. Maybe they want to try something new and creative, or an alternative to the regular games they circulate between themselves.

You could get them something they can do when they’re bored and can’t be bothered to immerse themselves in another world. Something such as coffee table arcade machines might be a fun and different alternative, especially if they are someone who enjoyed going to arcades and playing on the games there, and they might miss doing that.

#2 For those that enjoy snuggling up with a warm drink

For those that enjoy warm drinks and have a tendency to let them go cold, you can get them something like a temperature-aware mug. These are mugs where when the temperature of the drink changes, the cup changes colour. Not only can this be a helpful indicator to see when a cup of tea or coffee is ready for drinking, but it can also look really cool, too.

There is a wide range of designs to look at, such as expressions changing from smiley to frowny faces or designs of thermometers changing colour. This can be an exciting idea that can also prove to be quite helpful.

#3 For those that love their pets 

For the animal lover, you can get them something for their pet, if they have any. Or, as an alternative, you could help the environment too and ‘adopt’ an animal. These adoptions are generally saved for endangered species, such as snow leopards, tigers, and giant pandas, but can also be used to help support vulnerable species, such as hippos, sloths, and many kinds of frogs. This type of gift can be the best thing ever for any animal lover, whether they are young or old, and can help them feel like they are doing their part to help the planet.

#4 For the traveller

Travellers are always hard to buy for, mainly because they already have everything they might need. But one thing they might not have is a very fun kind of checklist, especially if they want to travel the world. Something like a scratch map might be good fun, as they can hang it up on their wall and talk about it with visitors.

They can easily see where they’ve gone and where they want to go next without needing to just tick it these off of a list. They will also get the satisfaction of scratching off the place on their scratch map to reveal the colours underneath.

#5 For the puzzle lover or the brainiac, or easily bored child

For a puzzle lover, you might want to get something unique, a real brain teaser, and test of their abilities, not only for solving puzzles at home but also when they are on the go. Travelling can be tedious, especially for people with inquistive minds, so having something they can get immersed in and can pick up and put down might be a grand idea.

Something like a Megaminx or a SudoCube can be good fun for them to shuffle and redo, and they can also keep it on them at all times to curb the boredom of a train ride or bus journey when nothing on their phone can entertain them.

A few final thoughts

There are many weird and wacky gifts out there that can be perfect for those you don’t know what to buy for. Whether they’re an animal lover, a puzzle solver, a gamer, or someone who forgets about their hot drinks, there’s a little something for everyone if you know where to look in the market.

You might have some fun yourself when sifting through gifts to try and find the perfect present for your impossible-to-buy-for friend or family member.