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Fintech-for-good business launches charity tech platform

Fintech-for-good parent company Shamaazi has just announced the launch its fourth charity tech platform, Givematch. Givematch’s technology transforms the long outdated “corporate match funding” by providing donor ownership, inherent shareability and donation gamification to make the match funds have 4X the impact on total charity fundraising.

Every year many brands and corporations do their part for charity by putting up 10s of millions of pounds for “donation matching”. This includes the likes of Facebook, Spotify to John Lewis and Co-op. However, Givematch has a view that corporate donation matching initiatives are often ambiguous and lack clarity which fails to achieve the potential these match funds can have.

Givematch is a platform that makes match funding ownable, gamified and social media friendly. As a user, you can “earn a donation match” by sharing your personal Givematchlink across social media for friends to donate as well. When 2 friends give, you’ll earn a match – making your individual impact on Givematch truly tangible. The tech can be embedded within the charity website checkout and also exists on the standalone website

From research Givematch conducted in 2020, they found that 88% of adults in Britain would be more likely to donate to charity if donation matching is offered and 92% said word of mouth is the biggest driver in donation choices. So Givematch built their tech to directly attribute match funds to donors to create a sense of individual ownership, whilst inherently making the experience “social friendly” to capitalise on a donor’s social influence.

During the beta launch last year with selected charities and match funders across the UK and US, Givematch saw huge strengths and promising signals. Across charity websites, 75% of donors opted to use givematch and 50% of them completed their referral journey. The total donation tally accumulated a 4X return on match funds. As donors share their unique link across their social media networks to rally their followers and friends, approximately £4 is donated for every £1 in match funds, which is twice as effective than the historical match funding method. The Givematch experience and brand proposition has unlocked a new strength in match funding, making every contribution go much further.