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Northern Ireland Council Digitally Transforms Financial Systems with SaaS

Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council has gone live with a new modern and secure Software as a Service (SaaS) solution from enterprise software provider TechnologyOne, to improve how it runs its financial systems.

By switching to TechnologyOne’s industry leading OneCouncil SaaS solution the Northern Ireland council says it will improve business processes, make efficiency savings and future-proof IT systems by moving them online.

Having gone live in late April, TechnologyOne’s cloud-based service, powered by Amazon Web Services, is now helping hundreds of council employees remotely access important business decision making tools and information. The council’s payroll systems will also switch to TechnologyOne later this year.

The SaaS service replaces legacy on-premise software from Totalmobile, which had been used by the boroughs of Newtownabbey and Antrim for years, before the two councils merged in 2015.

John Balmer, Head of Finance at Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council says the council chose TechnologyOne as the local authority wanted to modernise and digitally transform its finance and payroll systems, making them securely and remotely available to 850 employees via any device, at anytime from anywhere.

“TechnologyOne offers a truly modern Software as a Service that will help our council employees access finance and payroll systems online, wherever they are working,” said Balmer.

“By replacing our old IT systems and moving them on to an integrated SaaS platform, we expect to improve how we operate and become more efficient by making business tools much more accessible for our finance teams,” he added. “It will also automate a lot more admin work, so we can focus on better reporting and analysis. Ultimately, this will also help improve decision making at the council and help us better support the communities we serve.”

Switching from on-premise systems and servers to a highly secure SaaS platform will also reduce the burden and up-keep of council IT systems. Instead of the council having to physically manage and constantly update technology systems and software at council offices, future upgrades will be carried out virtually by TechnologyOne online and at its data centres.

TechnologyOne’s partnership with Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council marks further growth for the technology company in Northern Ireland. Neighbouring Mid & East Antrim Borough Council also recently signed a deal to replace its legacy IT systems with TechnologyOne’s OneCouncil SaaS for finance, HR and payroll. Both Mid Ulster District and Fermanagh & Omagh District Councils are also working with the enterprise software provider to digitally transform operations.

TechnologyOne CEO Ed Chung said: “We’re delighted that Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council has become the first local authority in Northern Ireland to go-live with our enterprise OneCouncil SaaS solution when upgrading their IT systems.”

“Councils are coming under increasing pressures as a result of coronavirus and squeezed budgets. Our OneCouncil SaaS solution removes the burden of managing your own technology environment, and the associated costs, meaning councils can focus on delivering better services for their communities,” he added.