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How Streaming Services Are Changing The Movie Market

While streaming has forever changed our world, and largely for the best. We can’t deny that when it comes to the world of movies the relationship has been slightly tenser. For years direct-to-stream movies were overlooked in awards ceremonies, and a lot of companies saw streaming as the last destination for their films.

But the landscape has been changing drastically, especially in these past few years. So, let’s take a look at what the new relationship between films and streaming is, and just how it might keep changing in the long run.

Streaming is becoming a valid release format

The biggest issue that streaming ran into was the inherent bias against it. This isn’t anything new when it comes to the movie industry as each new technology has been rejected for a while. VCRs were considered a threat to the industry due to the possibility of recording content, the same story with the DVDs and so on. So, it’s no surprise that streaming got hit by this phenomenon as well.

For many years films would only go to streaming when all other alternatives were exhausted. Nobody wanted to “settle” for a streaming release, and this affected the available selection. But streaming companies started backing projects, which meant that many creatives found a welcoming home in the world of streaming. This resulted in an improved reputation for the market.

And this helped pave the way to the format we are currently seeing. When we are finally seeing simultaneous releases on streaming platforms and traditional movie theatres. Even if this choice came out of the current health situation in the world it does set a unique precedent. Companies are now having to rely on streaming as a release platform, and a largely successful one at that. So, we can expect to see movies debuting on streaming platforms for years to come.

Movies no longer have a shelf-life

Perhaps the biggest change streaming has brought to the world of cinema is how it changes the way audiences approach movies. Back in the day films functionally had 3 main moments that they had to exploit to earn back their budget. The pre-release campaign was the time to take advantage of the hype and secure marketing deals, then came the actual release where tickets defined their earnings, and then their last chance at making back their budget came in the form of their home release.

Nowadays, movies can be relevant for years and be accessed online at any time. And this is all thanks to the presence of OTT media providers. OTT or Over-The-Top refers to services that allow viewers to check content online without the need for an aerial or subscription. There are plenty about, and Red Bee Media offer OTT services of the highest quality. These providers are out there and its worth looking around, you’ll definitely see the benefits! This means that what is on the screen now is fully up to each viewer, and that’s the real key to keeping viewers invested.

Now that so many films are available on OTT services, they can be relevant forever, especially if they are in specialized services that tailor to specific genres or authors. And perhaps the most appealing part for most viewers is that it completely cuts the networks out of the picture. There’s no need to register on each separate network to have a chance to watch your favourite film. A single OTT service can have all the movies you could ask for, and it’s way more user-friendly than the alternatives.

If you’re considering using a provider in the OTT niche, there is no shortage of expertise out there.