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Fortem improves efficiency and compliance using Totalmobile 

Totalmobile’s cloud-based Mobilise application effectively captures job information and improves compliance to help transform the nationwide service Fortem offers clients

Totalmobile, the UK leader in Field Service Management software solutions, has announced it has helped Fortem, the property solutions provider, to digitise its repairs and maintenance service delivery with the Mobilise solution, improving compliance and providing a more comprehensive customer experience.

For nearly two decades, Fortem has delivered repairs and maintenance for over 40 social housing clients across the UK. The company annually completes 400,000 repairs in occupied homes as well as preparing 10,000 vacant properties for future occupancy. It also carries out repairs nationwide for a range of clients and to public sector buildings. 

Totalmobile’s cloud-based mobile workforce management solution, Mobilise, helps Fortem to deliver a more efficient service for these customers. It enables offline working for all trades and ensures key information is available at the frontline worker’s fingertips, including questions to ask each customer based on the job at hand and forms to fill in that can be easily created and customised by Fortem. 

Vehicle checks are quicker and simpler with a digital checklist that needs to be filled in prior to vehicle use, which is driving compliance as well as efficiency. Specifically, Fortem has seen a significant improvement in meeting its compliance obligations regarding waste notes – the logs staff need to take of every piece of waste produced at a job – as real time note-taking on the Mobilise app can be made mandatory. 

Totalmobile’s solution was rolled out across the company over the last year, and as of April 2021 the application is now used by all 450 trade staff across seven contracts including Stonewater, Birmingham, PA Housing and Onward. It will also be the default mobile application for all future contracts. During the global pandemic, with Mobilise, Fortem has been able to update risk assessment forms as the government guidance has changed regularly, ensuring that all staff are kept up to date and are able to meet the current guidelines to keep themselves and their customers safe.

Chris Hone, the Systems Director at Fortem said: “The ability for our trades to work reliably offline is key to service delivery. Combining that with the flexibility for our in-house IT team to evolve the forms and processes to meet our clients’ needs means that we are truly able to offer a differentiated service to our clients.”

Mick Williamson, Managing Director at Fortem added: “The introduction of Mobilise is a huge step forward for our trades. Since the solution was rolled out, they are better equipped to carry out repairs resulting in a more efficient service for our customers. As a responsible business, the opportunities offered by the solution in terms of health, safety and compliance are extremely important to us.

“Rolling out our Mobilise solution has already helped support Fortem throughout this challenging year. Having a digital solution that provides all of the information mobile workers need and allows them to remain compliant throughout their work benefits the company as well as the customers, who receive a more efficient and comprehensive service every time.”

Looking to the future, Fortem will look at the subcontract supply chain and roll out Mobilise to its subcontractors, to use on their own mobile devices. The company will also move onto applying the solution to permits and void surveying to continue to drive the gains in efficiency and reductions in costs.

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