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Nexer drives supply chain innovation with Blockchain on Azure

Nexer Insight, an Elite Microsoft Azure, Internet of Things and Advanced Analytics partner, has announced a strategic collaboration with specialist Blockchain advisers, Criterium Solutions, that will see the launch of a new Azure-based Blockchain.

The joint initiative will provide a unique and integrated approach to supply chain transformation, leveraging the Azure-powered Consensys QuorumBlockchain Service and Criterium’s proven experience in Blockchain implementation across diverse sectors to offer clients a faster and lower cost way to innovate.

Implementing Blockchain within the Azure public cloud has the potential to transform complex supply chains in every market without the increase in IT complexity that comes from the adoption of non-strategic technology platforms.

Nexer and Criterium’s Rapid Azure Blockchain Kickstarter Programme will deliver a rapid proof of concept for Blockchain in a client’s supply chain, making the technology more accessible for clients across agriculture, automotive, consumer goods, pharma and telecoms.

Mark Crowne, General Manager at Nexer Insight UK, commented: “Consumers are increasingly demanding authenticity and integrity from brands in a post-pandemic world. Blockchain can deliver against this demand, enabling an open and honest relationship for brands with a global audience, while also cutting supply chain costs by removing expensive paper-based processes.”

“Our ambition is to simplify the process of exploring, testing, and implementing Blockchain. Our start point is a fresh approach to business engagement, cutting through complex technical jargon to provide customers with a clear understanding of the benefits of Blockchain solutions.”

Director of Criterium Solutions, John Waite, commented: “Working in partnership with Nexer Insight – and creating a unique blend of expertise and experience – is the start of an important and exciting journey to bring Blockchain into the mainstream and clearly demonstrate to supply chain professionals the brand and business benefits that Blockchain can enable”.

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