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Amazon and Tech: How To Be A Successful Seller

With electronics being one of the top categories for profitability to date, tech selling on Amazon is notorious for independent sellers trying to get their foot in the door. The first thing you need to be aware of, if you aren’t already, is that competition can be fierce.

Finding the right methods of selling your stock and just making sure those items are reaching the largest audience possible is more than a challenge. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks to ensure you’re making the most out of your platform and we’re going to go over the most important ones so you can begin boosting your business.


Be Clear About Your Product
The purpose of this section is to make sure that whatever you are selling is portrayed correctly to potential buyers. That means you need to be clear as to what your product is and have the correct information on your product page. This also includes using good, quality, professional imagery of the item/items, and that those images accurately represent the product. The chances are, if you sell someone an item that is not what they expected or differs in design and functionality, you’ll quickly be inviting negative reviews to your business.


Let Your Descriptions Stand Out

Providing your audience with quality descriptions will help to answer potentially burning questions without them wasting time asking directly. The more steps you add for your buyers to find out certain pieces of information, the more chances you create for them to turn away and look for another product. They may even be inclined to buy another item of lower quality which has drawn them in with a better description. Consider using a content writing service that specialises in search engine optimisation too. Writers that are adept in Amazon SEO can provide your product page with relevant keywords, as well as a naturally written, engaging description of your product.


Utilise Social Media
Social media platforms are your friends when it comes to enticing customers and improving your reach. Using Facebook and Instagram feeds, you can display your products to a wider audience. Utilising strong and relevant hashtags, you could find your potential customer base growing exponentially. There is also the option of creating product adverts. Whilst you’ll be paying for this service, the platform that you choose to advertise with will do all the hard work in drawing attention to your brand.


Create A Brand And Stick With It

The incredible number of tech sellers on Amazon often leads to very similar product imagery being placed next to each other. Whilst you should try to differentiate your product images as much as possible, you’ll find that sometimes it’s almost impossible to get them to stand out. We highly recommend putting as much effort into your branding as early as possible. Building up a brand takes work, but it will set you in good stead for the future. Once people recognise your logo or name and associate it with positive feedback and products, you may find yourself rising above the rest.

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