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CovidCertNI: Smart software supporting safer travel in Northern Ireland

From this week, people living in Northern Ireland can access and download their Covid Vaccination Certificate at the click of a button, thanks to a new app developed by smart software provider Civica.

CovidCertNI, developed by Civica in conjunction with Digital Health & Care NI (DHCNI) and the Digital Transformation Service (DTS), and several other organisations[2], will make it easier and quicker for people to access their certificate, eliminating the need to request a physical copy which can take several days.

The new app has been designed with clear safeguards to prevent against fraudulent use, including facial recognition to ensure that the photo uploaded to the system matches that of the user. Citizens across Northern Ireland will be able to use the new app to prove their vaccination status whenever needed, including on public transport and when attending sporting or other social events.

Civica Managing Director for Northern Ireland, Mark Owens said:

“The past year has given us all a newfound appreciation for the transformative power of data-driven, smart digital technologies. Apps and other digital solutions played a decisive role in ensuring we could live, work and travel as safely as possible, despite the rampant global pandemic.

These same digital technologies are now being exploited by governments across the globe to ensure we can reopen our economies and travel safely, and a prime example is CovidCertNI which Civica is proud to have developed in conjunction with our customers Digital Health & Care NI (DHCNI) and the Digital Transformation Service (DTS).

CovidCertNI will empower ordinary citizens to access and download their vaccination certificate at the click of a button, ensuring they can continue living their lives whilst ensuring the safety of the wider community”.

Dr Eddie O’Neil, Director of the COVID Certification Service at the Northern Ireland Department of Health said:

“We are delighted to have partnered with Civica to develop the new COVID Certification Service. Our partnership working with Civica and the other private companies 1 has been a key factor in delivering this within the impossible timeline we had to work with.

The new Service is essential in supporting citizens in NI to meet the emerging international standards for certification, to enable bio-secure travel. A simplified, user-friendly process will make it easier and quicker for people to access their certificate on their personal computer or via their smartphone, providing both convenience and peace of mind to individuals seeking to travel.”

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