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Firebolt and Panintelligence insight into the future

The partnership will help Panintelligence’s users to analyse and interpret large data sub-second by connecting to Firebolt

Firebolt, the world’s fastest cloud data warehouse, purpose-built for delivering a new grade of analytic experiences over big data has entered into a technology partnership with best-of-breed, self-service analytics platform Panintelligence.

Panintelligence and Firebolt share a common mission to democratise data and open up the value of insight so that everyone, no matter what area of the business they work in, can access what they need in real time and truly become data-first companies.

The performance, scale and efficiency of Firebolt coupled with the rapid to deploy, self-service dashboards of Panintelligence allows customers to analyse large and complex data at unheard-of speeds.

Nouras Haddad, Vice President of Alliances at Firebolt commented “We’re continuously looking to integrate with best of breed, modern data analytics solutions that our customers are adopting. The combination of Firebolt and Panintelligence is a strong embedded analytics offering for fast-growing SaaS and tech businesses globally. We’re excited to see the opportunities that lie ahead for offering embedded analytics to our joint customers, and Panintelligence is a partnership we look forward to building on.”

Charlotte Bailey, COO of Panintelligence, said: “Our customers are trying to derive more insight from their data but struggle with the complexity of achieving that outcome with scalability and performance of some traditional database solutions. Panintelligence and Firebolt bring cost effective,  self-service access to data so that domain experts can easily explore and analyse all their business data at any scale.”

Established in 2014, Panintelligence’s pi platform has more than 200,000 users across a range of industries including healthcare, retail, finance, hospitality and education.

About Panintelligence

Based in Leeds ,Yorkshire, Panintelligence is a leading business intelligence and analytics software developer. Established in 2014, Panintelligence’s unique ‘pi’ platform provides software as a service (SaaS) providers worldwide with three essential BI elements: reporting, dashboard and predictive analytics. The pi software is operating system agnostic and is designed to work seamlessly on different cloud platforms, especially AWS and Panintelligence is a registered partner of the AWS Partner Network. Globally, pi has 200,000 users across a range of industries including healthcare, retail, hospitality and education.