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Stay One Step Ahead in the E-commerce Business

How the right e-commerce tools can support small or medium-sized businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic and economic transformation.

The COVID-19 pandemic impact keeps switching businesses towards remote work and contact center solutions. However, customers need communication with their favourite companies to achieve the necessary services.

For most physical businesses, pandemic restrictions caused a serious financial struggle. Many of those businesses which were unable to switch to remote working are literally on the bottom line – lingering between complete bankruptcy and surviving another year.

The switch to remote work came without notice, leaving owners of small-or medium-sized businesses stressed and in need of a fast and effective solution. Cloud call center solutions have proved a lifeline for many SMEs.

The main reasons why you need call center software

People still need to buy products and services, but the way they want to buy them has changed. Despite the financial struggles of people all over the world, e-commerce business shows no decline and is set to continue to grow in the next few years.

Research shows that customers are stressed and want the ability to experience 24/7 interaction with their favourite companies to feel secure. However, due to isolation and the inability to go to stores to buy products in person, customers demand a higher customer experience and customer satisfaction via digital channels like phones, emails, chats, etc.

It’s a time when your business could wait for weeks for orders and suddenly can’t handle a high volume of orders and requests. As a result, SMEs have an opportunity to stand out from the crowd provided they satisfy all the customer’s requests.

For business owners, it’s important to automate some processes and delegate the more demanding processes to company staff.

Specific benefits from call center software

How can cloud contact centers help SMEs handle all the 24/7 requests from customers, high calling volumes, multichannel communication, and be fully remote at the same time? Let’s find out the importance of fast-moving to the cloud call center.

Managing of workflow

Nowadays, agents in a call center see all the relevant data about the customer in front of their eyes. There is no unnecessary switching between programs or listing background information and paperwork.

CRM systems and calling scripts give top-notch expertise to agents for tackling usual and unexpected talking situations with customers. Thus agents concentrate only on the working communication with the customer and have the answers to their questions before they are being asked.

Astonishing self-service functions of cloud call center

The option of a self-service in a cloud is huge and gives a comprehensive option to make the work of agents drastically easy. Interactive voice response system (IVR), designed to provide the necessary informative or routing services without involving any live agent.

By simple interface you can customize different options for customer self-service, like connecting to relevant agents, checking delivery status, checking promotions, requesting a callback, and many more. Your agents will get rid of talking with customers on obvious subjects and be fully available for the most demanding assignments.

Chatbots have an informing function to give customers an option to achieve the relevant information without involving any live agent.

Agents can contact customers while detecting that they observe a website or check the FAQ section of a website. There is a function to send an automated SMS to customers in case of delays or other important issues about the product or service.

Advanced routing and CRM systems

The advantage of service is that the CRM system works in consonance with the routing system, creating 5-star customer service. If you have regular customers, the ACD with the help of the CRM system integration will identify them and route them to relevant agents with all the information.

An agent will already know the needs of the customer before the start of a conversation. With new customers that call the first time, they are routed to a random or specific agent.

Multichannel communication with customers and vice versa

It’s easy to have communication with customers 24 hours a day and it’s important to let them contact you via phone, chat, and email. In the cloud, you have an option to customize your queue and reduce handling time by tenfold, improving customer satisfaction (CSAT).

Ease in changing strategy for business

Your business has seasonal picks when customers want to buy more from you. And you need to tackle this issue somehow without spending a lot of money or time.

There is a solution in cloud call center software. It’s easy to increase the number of seats in your call center by purchasing additional licenses and hiring as many agents as you want. When there is no demand for those agents, you just reduce the number of licenses by contacting the vendor’s sales team.

If there is a local time issue, you just hire an agent in a particular country. A call center powered by a few agent’s teams can virtually work nonstop 24 hours a day. As a result, you’ll increase or reduce the number of your call center agents whenever you want, increasing ROI and saving time.

Data protection is a top priority

One of the most important issues of our time is the security of data and storing confidential information. The protection ensures the safety of phone numbers or financial information about credit cards or orders.

Because of security measures, certified data centers and firewalls, third parties can’t steal, copy, and use the data from customers. On the request from the customer, our company signs a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) if necessary.


The economic transformation certainly brings some unexpected impact in markets and businesses all over the world. It also changes the way of purchasing, communication, delivery, and satisfying customer’s needs.

The only thing that is important to understand is that e-commerce businesses can use this as an advantage for moving to remote locations, without spending much money, time, and effort. VoIPTime Cloud call center is all about moving to remote work without losing control of the staff and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

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