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Six Degrees New Senior Appointments: ‘Transforming to Scale’

Following on from the appointment of Chris Abbott to the role of COO in October, Six Degrees has appointed Gareth Lailey to the role of Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and Philip Wood to the role of Chief Product & Technical Officer (CPTO).

Gareth Lailey joined Six Degrees on 15th November as CRO. Gareth joins Six Degrees from Rackspace, where he was most recently Sales Director. Gareth brings with him over 15 years of experience guiding businesses through digital transformation, particularly in areas aligned with Six Degrees’ own expertise: public cloud, cyber security, agile workspace technology and professional services.

Gareth said: “The last few years have brought about a fundamental shift in how we do business. Organisations now better understand that cloud and cyber security are a journey rather than a destination. Ways to optimise growth and ROI are constantly evolving, even as an increasingly complicated data security landscape presents greater reputational, financial, and legal risks. Finding the right partner to guide your business is absolutely critical. I’m thrilled to be joining Six Degrees, with its impressive track record of working with its clients to shape a technology roadmap that protects and promotes their businesses.”

Also, Philip Wood joined Six Degrees on 22nd November as Chief Product and Technical Officer. Philip joins from easyJet, where he served as Director of Services and Transformation Lead.

Philip said: “Many businesses share similar challenges: expanding their offering to meet their clients’ evolving needs; gaining additional capabilities and credentials to increase market share; reducing costs; minimising risk; and, fundamentally, growing revenue. I’m passionate about understanding my clients, working with them to solve their specific challenges, and enabling them to achieve what they want. Through its expertise in cloud, security, and managed services, I believe Six Degrees is perfectly positioned to be the game-changer that a lot of businesses are looking for right now.”

Philip is an experienced technology leader, combining a collaborative approach and a culture of continuous improvement to transform businesses across a range of disciplines, including cyber security, service management and software delivery.

Commenting on the appointments, Six Degrees CEO Simon Crawley-Trice said: “Today’s organisations are recognising that cloud technology has the potential to help them achieve growth and differentiation. Cloud can be complex, however, and we all know we’re operating in an increasingly hostile digital environment. I’m excited to have leaders of Gareth and Phil’s calibre joining the Six Degrees team, with a proven track record in partnering with organisations and safely navigating them through this terrain, boosting their clients’ growth even as they are safeguarding their businesses. We’ve been open about the fact that Six Degrees is transforming to scale, and I’m looking forward to seeing the value that Gareth and Philip bring to our clients to support that.”

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