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How To Get A Short-Term Broadband Connection For Temporary Events

In the present world, the internet revolves around almost every aspect of a business. However, there are some situations when you’ll need it for a short while. And thus, it might be unwise to buy a long-term package. For instance, if you’re hosting a temporary event such as a trade show, business convention, construction project, or concert for your company, it’d be unfeasible to get into a full-time contract with an internet service provider.

For this reason, you may opt for a short-term broadband connection that’ll provide you with reliable internet connectivity quickly. This article discusses four steps on how to get such a service.


  1. Contact Reliable Internet Providers

You require a dependable internet connection to achieve a seamless flow of your event’s program. And to get this, you should contract services such as Wave Temporary Broadband or other internet solutions from credible companies.

A professional internet provider can conduct a site survey that’ll help determine what type of network you need, the required equipment for the event, and the best location of internet access points. They’ll also provide easy installation, captive portal customization, and on-the-spot technical assistance during the event. 

Additionally, you’ll enjoy benefits such as:  

  • Quality service from a competent team of engineers  
  • Flexible contracts  
  • Unlimited data usage with high speeds  
  • State-of-the-art equipment  
  • No landline charges, coupled with the option of flexible VoIP systems  

And if your event goes on for several months, such companies also offer you a dependable internet source through monthly subscriptions. Thus, you may want to sign up for one that suits your preferences.

Therefore, hiring a reputable company for cost-effective and reliable internet services is essential to provide you with a short-term internet solution.


  1. Specify Your Internet Requirements

The internet providers offer a range of services to their clients. Thus, when they visit your site, you should clearly outline your needs to give them an overview of how best to set up internet for your event. For instance, if you’re hosting a festival or an outdoor function with a large audience, they may recommend that you set up internet solutions such as Wave Broadband for events—a practical approach to providing internet to a large audience.

With such a connection, you’ll maintain a lively mood in your event as the attendees will easily access their social media accounts and share their experiences as they happen. Thus, even if you hold the occasion in a remote location with a weak phone signal, such an internet connection ensures that your program runs smoothly and your audience gets the most out of the function.

Excited couple cheering and taking selfie while at stadium. Cheerful soccer fans taking selfie while watching match in stadium.


  1. Set Up The Equipment

Installing internet equipment is a somewhat technical process. But as you’ll be working with reliable professionals, you won’t have to worry about this step. Thus, you may focus on other activities such as lighting, sound, catering, and more aspects of the event.

The professionals will set up the necessary infrastructure to get your function up and running. For example, you can expect them to put up equipment such as temporary cell towers, antennae, connecting cables, Wi-Fi routers, surge protectors, and other internet infrastructure around the event’s locale. Through these tools, they’ll provide practical solutions such as Wi-Fi networks that’ll ensure you and your guests access the internet.

Additionally, they’ll ensure that they secure the network to protect the connected users from cyber threats. These may be coming from hackers infiltrating your local network to conduct malicious activity.

Thus, with professionals from a dependable company, you’re assured of a well-functioning internet setup for your temporary event.


  1. Connect To The Internet

With the infrastructure in place, you’re good to go. You and your event’s attendees can now connect to the secured network and begin surfing the internet. You may upload content on your website, conduct live video chats, sell items online, or carry out other internet functions related to your business.

Additionally, your audience could post pictures, messages, or reviews about the event online. And this may bring you more clients, more so if your program runs successfully. Thus, the unlimited internet would have made your event run smoothly and acted as an intelligent marketing strategy.



To host a successful event, you should carefully plan for it. And one crucial aspect that’ll ensure you run an event smoothly is the internet. To successfully set up a short-term broadband connection for your temporary event, you should contact the services of a reputable internet provider who’ll provide you with competent services, clearly give them your specifications to get a customized internet setup, allow them to install the internet infrastructure, and afterward, open up the secure internet for your audience and connect to it to conduct your online activities.

With these steps, you’ll achieve uninterrupted internet that’ll ensure your event runs seamlessly.