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8 Do’s And Don’ts Of Ringless Voicemail Marketing

Whether you’re running a small or big business, marketing is crucial to your company’s success. Besides, it’s one of the best methods to deliver adverts to customers and enables customers to be aware of your products and services.

At present, there are many marketing strategies you can consider for your business. One of the newest marketing techniques is called ringless voicemail marketing. It works by incorporating ringless voicemail, allowing marketers to drop a voicemail into the customer’s inbox without ringing the phone. Rather than going through dialing, ringing, and entering a voicemail system, the message is directly loaded onto the customer’s voicemail server.

You can search for marketing software like Drop Cowboy Ringless Voicemail and others to know the benefits they offer for both consumers and businesses. It enables business owners to save time wasted on dialing numbers and waiting for an answer. For consumers, ringless voicemail is a less-invasive way of getting a phone message from businesses.

However, to make the most out of ringless voicemail marketing, it’s essential to know the following dos and don’ts:

  • Do Record Your Message Properly

At present, you’ll find countless service providers that offer Unlimited Ringless Voicemail to help deliver your message to your target audience with minimal effort. To get started, make sure to spend time recording your message properly.

See to it that you understand how the service works.  You may watch this video to learn more about how Drop Cowboy Ringless Voicemail and Texting PLatform works and how it can benefit businesses.

Remember that it isn’t only about sending pre-recorded messages to potential customers when recording a message. It’s more about establishing a connection with your target audience. Think of it as extending a greeting hand and building relationships with prospects.

With that in mind, you need to know the essentials of recording a message, which includes the following:

  • Tone – It’s wise to aim at the best tone in voicemail as it can make a difference in boosting your sales and increasing customer retention. It can also help lessen the cost, mainly when using a predictive dialer for your ringless voicemail. 

Try to ditch your sales voice and sound more like a human as the sender or caller. You should also ensure that your tone matches your branding to prevent discrepancies.

  • Length – It can be tempting to send a winding and long message that includes all the details of your products and services. But, it’s never a good idea since your voicemail may end up getting returned or cut off because of its length. 

In addition, customers don’t spend a lot of time listening to voicemail messages. Therefore, it’s always best to keep your pitch short but concise.

  • Simplicity – Try to avoid using jargon and some kinds of gimmicks in your voicemail. Otherwise, you’ll end up causing confusion and getting your message misinterpreted on the receiver’s end. 

It’ll likely result in missed sales opportunities or leads since your prospects will only let the message go over their head since they don’t know what they need to do next.


  • Don’t Be Too Salesy

Some consumers often complain about sales representatives being too pushy. Persistence is indeed part of being a salesperson. However, you have to know that there’s a difference between pursuing prospects who aren’t interested and consistently adding value with every check-in.

So, when using ringless voicemail marketing, make sure to avoid being salesy. Instead, create a voicemail with pertinent details without sounding too pushy or desperate to help you provide a positive interaction experience.


  • Do Specify Your Purpose

Personalization is a vital factor when it comes to ringless voicemail marketing. It helps capture and retain the interest of your potential customers.

To personalize your script or an outline, be sure to specify your purpose. For example, you must employ a different strategy when reaching out to new customers and another tactic to re-establish relationships with your current customers. These kinds of consumers are in separate levels of the sales funnel. That’s why you should ensure that your message is tailored to suit their preferences and needs to get effective results.


  • Don’t Forget About Perfect Timing

Generally, the traditional telemarketing strategy is ineffective due to the high levels of interruption it creates for customers. Problems, such as wrong timing, disruption, and distraction, can disappoint your customers. For this reason, never forget about prioritizing perfect timing.

Even if ringless voicemails can be sent without causing disruption, it’s still important to focus on the right timing. Besides, you may want to leave your message at a convenient time for your target audience to listen and respond to it.

Typically, evenings and mornings yield the highest open rates for ringless voicemails. It’s also a good idea to send ringless voicemails in the middle of the week, not during Mondays when everybody is busy with work. It’s also not a good idea to leave a ringless voicemail during the weekends when everybody is resting and having quality time with their family or friends.


  • Do Be Aware Of The Relevant Ringless Voicemail Laws

Ringless voicemail marketing requires compliance with state and federal laws. It should also adhere to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), which prohibits unwanted telemarketing calls to consumers and applies to pre-recorded calls and text messaging as well.

It’s wise if you have prior consent to contact potential customers. Also, check your calling lists against the do-not-call (DNC) registry. You can opt for the best ringless voicemail software that helps users update ringless voicemail campaigns to stay aware of all the telemarketing regulations and laws. It may also help you manage a list of DNC numbers to avoid wasting resources and maximize your marketing budget.


  • Don’t Read Directly From The Script

Some ringless voicemail marketing solutions provide a script to follow. Don’t read it directly when recording your campaign, whether you’re using the provided script or creating your own. It’s always best to practice your script and adlib a bit so your message will sound more natural.

A good and effective ringless voicemail is one wherein the speaker is confident. Take note that your tone can reveal more about how well you know your products or services. That’s why you need to plan when writing a script so that you’ll have a guide on the points you like to convey and an angle that you’ll put forward for your value proposition.


  • Do Include Callback Details In Your Campaigns

Another thing to remember when implementing ringless voicemail marketing is to include information on how your prospects can call you after listening to your voicemail. The number included in your message is often your caller ID, so be sure that it’s a number that can handle many calls in a day.

You should also mention your callback details once you introduce yourself and reiterate them after you’ve delivered your message. It’s more convenient for receivers to jot down your number once you’ve captured their interest.

Naturally, customers would want to contact you after learning about your value proposition. Remember, your relationship with them started when you reached them and talked about your offer.


  • Don’t Neglect The Importance Of Call-To-Action (CTA)

Aside from stating your intention to your customers, you must also guide them on what they must do after listening to your voicemails. With this in mind, CTAs maximize phrases and words to prompt a response from your customers.

Incorporating them in your voicemail message can boost the chance of converting your leads into paying consumers. CTAs are also essential to encourage the recipients of your message to take action and try what you’re offering.

You have to learn how to create convincing CTAs, and these tips below can help you:

  • Evoke Emotions – You may tap into the emotions of your target customers. For example, if you’re in a real estate business, you can encourage potential clients to buy their dream property. 
  • Use Strong Action Words – An effective CTA starts with commanding verbs, so the natural instinct of your customers would be to obey what your voicemail message tells them. 
  • Be Creative – These days, most consumers are constantly bombarded with CTAs. Due to this, you have to be creative with your proposal to get more callbacks, especially since you can’t use visual media to persuade your customers. If you’re not sure about whether or not a CTA will be well-received by your target customers, you can perform an A/B test to check what format works best for your audience.

  • Put Time Pressure – Another excellent motivator is fear of missing out (FOMO), particularly if you’re offering something with a deadline. For example, you can give customers exclusive benefits for those who will immediately respond to your voicemail message. 
  • Provide A Persuasive Reason – You must state what’s in it for your customers once they follow your CTA. For instance, consider informing them that they’ll get a discount once they call you back within the day of receiving your offer.



Business Benefits Of Using Ringless Voicemail Marketing 

Now that you know the dos and don’ts of ringless voicemail marketing, it’s time to implement it to grow your business. The following are the many benefits of using ringless voicemail marketing:

  • Get Actionable Insights

With traditional telemarketing, it’s quite impossible to keep track of your success and failure. With the best ringless voicemail marketing solution, you can get statistics and live data that you can use and analyze to improve your marketing efforts.

It also enables accurate metrics about ringless voicemail marketing campaigns, so you can quickly determine what works and what doesn’t for your business. As a result, it helps you make well-informed decisions to tweak your next strategies, allowing you to gain more satisfactory results.

  • Help You Target A Bigger Audience

Ringless voicemail marketing enables you to broadcast your message to a wider audience in no time. Rather than waiting for an answer before you can call your next customer, your ringless voicemail software can dispatch your message to other customers without manual intervention by your employees. 

It enables your sales representatives to contact a bigger audience without spending more time. The more people you reach out to, the more sales and leads you generate.

  • Improve Your Sales Team’s Productivity

To make your business grow, you need to level up your sales team’s productivity. With traditional telemarketing, expect your team to be prone to a higher burnout rate and stress. In fact, even the most patient salespeople aren’t immune to the negative effects of rejections.

More often than not, constant rejection results in a drop in your team’s performance, leading to reduced job satisfaction. This won’t only affect your employees, but it can also affect your company’s bottom line. With ringless voicemail marketing, it can be a good option to boost your team members’ productivity and satisfaction.

This kind of marketing prevents your team from wasting time waiting for consumers to answer their calls and avoid negative sales call experiences. Moreover, ringless voicemail marketing can help you target your audience effectively and let your agents interact with customers once they respond to your voicemail. It improves your team’s productivity by giving them extra time to focus on other essential activities instead of waiting for customers to answer their calls.

  • High Rate Of Returned Calls And Quality Leads

Since your target customers can open your voicemail message whenever they want, they’re more likely to listen to your messages rather than just opening it. With this in mind, you can be sure that most customers who get your message will internalize what you want to say. If your message is well-structured, expect a better rate of return calls.

Also, when somebody calls back, your team will know that they have interesting leads on the line. It enables them to focus on the customers who respond to a voicemail. You can use smart solutions like dialers to streamline your phone operations to nurture your leads. This will help you maximize your sales capabilities over time.

  • Allow You To Provide Personalized Marketing

Generally, personalized marketing means making your marketing efforts tailored to your customers’ needs and sending them messages or calling them by name. With ringless voicemail marketing, it’s easy to provide personalized marketing.

Since it allows you to drop a message to your audience’s voicemail box, it becomes more personal than emails and social media. Just make sure to direct your message to your customers as you record the voicemail.


All in all, ringless voicemail marketing can be a good addition to your marketing arsenal. This is especially true if you want to search for high-volume outreach. There are various benefits of using ringless voicemail to improve customer engagement. Just be creative with your ringless voicemail marketing plan, and don’t forget to keep the above dos and don’ts to get the most satisfactory results.