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Code Ninjas to launch first franchise location in Wales

As one of the fastest-growing tech cities in the UK1, the demand for coding and technological expertise in Cardiff is on the rise. Recognising this, Code Ninjas, the coding franchise for kids, is opening up a dojo in Cardiff, the first of its kind in Wales. Progressions within tech in Wales have been made a top priority for almost every sector, including those that involve opportunities for children. Through a fun and creative medium, Code Ninjas is a brand looking to supplement the inevitable rise in opportunities that the city will soon experience, the timescale of which has been further accelerated by the pandemic.

The brand-new dojo is set to open by the end of March, with new franchisee, Victoria Williams, as the head of the operation. The team at Code Ninjas Cardiff has identified the growing need to satisfy the unavoidable passion that children all over the world now have for consuming various technologies. The pandemic certainly affirmed the importance of digital literacy to families and has created an influx of children who have a natural ability for maximising the endless possibilities of computing. But with this growing trend within a diversity of demographics of children, the extracurricular sector is yet to catch up.

Victoria has been teaching for 15 years and was drawn by the social interaction element of Code Ninjas. She believes that opening the door for children to hone their skills in problem solving and coding, while being given a safe, freeing space to express their imaginations and creativity, is an important step for Cardiff to affirm its position as a leading city in tech innovation. With two children obsessed with gaming, she feels it is vital that this interest is explored in an encouraging and fun setting.

“I’m so excited to be launching my Code Ninjas franchise in Cardiff, where there is such an interest in tech already from a young age, but no-one until now to satisfy or stimulate this interest. As a progressive city, it’s vital that kids in the area are given as many opportunities as possible to continue developing their love of technology through exciting, creative ways. Much like the arts, sports or any other extracurricular activity, Code Ninjas is equipping kids with skills that go far beyond the academic benefits. Just a few of these include teamwork, communication and confidence, all in a safe environment and developing in tandem learning how to not be afraid of being wrong or simply having a go.”

With plans hitting full steam for a launch around April time, the team are anxious to begin to deliver an inspiring and freeing curriculum to the next generation of leaders through creative and fun mediums. Victoria is looking to create Wales’ first cohort of high-flying ninjas with greater confidence and enhanced computational thinking, all while surrounded by great student role models. Victoria is hoping this is just the beginning for Wales becoming a leading country for kids coding and technology innovation.

CEO of Code Ninjas, Justin Nihiser, spoke about the expansion to a new region: “We are incredibly excited to be bringing Code Ninjas to a new country, we’ve proven popular in a lot of different regions, but it’s always something special when you reach another group of people. The demand for extra-curricular coding activities in Cardiff but also in Wales is in massive demand and with Wales proving to be a tech innovative city, it’s even more exciting that we’re able to play a part in creating and guiding the next generation to succeed in such a thriving and exciting sector.”

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