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5 ways to attract (and keep) top tech talent

If you work in UK tech recruitment, you’ll know that the digital skills gap means competition for skilled candidates is high.

According to the latest BCS (British Computer Society) State of the Nation Report, there were more than 64,000 UK tech jobs vacancies in Q3 of 2021 – up 191% on the same reporting period from the previous year.

So how do you recruit and retain the right people in such a tough environment? Take a look at these five suggestions.

1. Humanize your LinkedIn content

Tech people are people too. So if your HR (or other) leaders publish useful and engaging content on their LinkedIn accounts (personal rather than business), they can interact directly with potential clients. And (crucially) share their positive experiences working with your company.

If you’re an IT leader struggling to connect with a niche audience in a natural but meaningful way, specialist marketers like The Real Life of Brands can help.

2. (Really) listen to employee feedback

Do you genuinely listen to employee feedback from all levels of the hierarchy? Mine staff surveys for rich, qualitative insights that reveal how you can improve their experience? Hold focus groups where staff can contribute to steering the company culture and developing strategies to demonstrate your values?

Listening to your people and then (within reason) implementing changes that make them happier leads to a more loyal and productive workforce.


3. Take a culture temperature check

Cultural entropy. Two words that no business leader wants to hear. But once you know the extent to which your company culture is in danger of withering away hear from inside, you can take immediate remedial action. Completing the cultural entropy assessment from Barrett Values Centre is a solid first step in recognizing the degree of dysfunction you’re working with.

Then by eliminating friction and frustration, and fear-based leadership, you’ll move forward to become the type of firm that people are clamouring to work for.


4. (Truly) embrace flexible working

Is your business model flexible enough to incorporate different forms of flexible working? If you can implement a 4-day working week, part-time work, remote work (or a clever combination) without compromising client delivery, you might enter a new dimension of talent acquisition and retention.

Genuinely flexible working arrangements might mean valued existing employees are satisfied to stick around, while making you a more attractive proposition for working parents and skilled employees based in other countries.


5. Adopt data-driven talent acquisition

Still relying on time-consuming, manual and inaccurate hiring processes?

Save yourself time and money in the short- and long-term by using an AI-powered talent acquisition tool like Oleeo – these type of end-to-end recruitment solutions are customized to your specific needs.

Throughout the process, candidates who aren’t a good skills and cultural fit are sifted out, with the right people nurtured right through to receiving an offer.


Tech talent is notoriously hard to find and increasingly hard to keep.  Getting the management right will help keep your team happier at work – and help your business thrive.