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Sun Strategy partners with Amdaris to provide sustainable branding solutions at scale

  • Digital transformation expert will help Sun Strategy scale sustainable solutions to meet increased customer demand since the pandemic

Bristol, UK; 13 July 2022: Software development specialist Amdaris has partnered with sustainable branding experts Sun Strategy to transform the value of businesses through environmentally-conscious packaging. As digital partner, Amdaris will help accelerate the delivery of Sun Strategy’s sustainable and efficiency-driven technology solutions.

Sun Strategy is a packaging consultancy that works with brands to deliver innovative, sustainable, and measurable solutions for leading global clients, including some of the world’s largest online and offline retailers. Sustainability has significantly moved up on the consumer agenda in recent years, with Gen Z customers favouring environmentally-friendly brands and packaging. This new partnership with Amdaris will advance the services of Sun Strategy to meet the influx of sustainability-conscious customers.

Amdaris will work closely with the team at Sun Strategy to amplify and enhance the technology element of Sun Strategy’s solutions. Through its industry expertise in digital transformation and outsourcing, Amdaris will provide Sun Strategy with the ability to scale at speed and to bring in additional resources that will help meet growing demands. Amdaris will also take an active role in delivering Sun Strategy’s technology ecosystem and integrated automation solutions.

“We have seen a huge influx of clients asking for new branding software solutions since the pandemic. However, the market for developers is extremely competitive, so it’s challenging to recruit enough employees on a long-term basis in order to keep up with the growing customer demand,” commented Robert Quigley, Technical Director at Sun Strategy. “We were not just looking for a provider but a long-term partner. We selected Amdaris due to the company’s excellent industry reputation and experience in agile processes. This long-term partnership with Amdaris will help us meet our objectives and scale up when consumer demands require us to. It’s strategically very important to us.”

Andy Rogers, co-CEO of Amdaris, commented, “Sustainability is one of Amdaris’ key company values so we see a lot of synergies between us and Sun Strategy. We are excited to partner with Sun Strategy and help scale the company’s sustainability technology solutions. We look forward to helping the company take its solutions out to a wider market faster, through our agile approach to software development.”

“Unprecedented shifts in retail trends – such as the exponential rise of e-commerce and omnichannel, changing consumer behaviour, and growing supply chain complexity – have left many of our clients reeling. At Sun Strategy we have been busy developing original technology to offer solutions that help our clients not only survive but go on to thrive. We are looking forward to partnering with Amdaris to help achieve this at a greater scale,” commented Greg Lawson, Group Commercial Director of Sun Strategy.