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devolo at Network X 2022: Efficient fibre-optic networking with the Giga Bridge and more

From 18 to 20 October 2022, at Broadband World Forum part of Network X 2022 in Amsterdam, the networking specialists from devolo will demonstrate how to get efficient and easy home networking.

Smart network solutions

In smart homes, where the number of devices and applications is always on the rise, network and online connections are critical to performance. But the equipment in houses and flats has not kept up. Germany’s devolo AG offers a great variety of solutions for the stable, lossless, and – most importantly – easy distribution of the Internet within and throughout the entire home. And with the Giga Bridge, this is even possible for fibre-optic connections. The compact wall-socket adapters add to devolo’s portfolio of Powerline and mesh Wi-Fi solutions and provide the satisfaction of FTTH (fibre to the home) at high transmission speeds.

Fibre optics made easy: Giga Bridge

The devolo Giga Bridge closes the gap, between an existing fibre-optic connection and the router. This is because routers are only rarely located where the signal enters the house and moving it may not be possible, since finding locations where ceilings and walls don’t obstruct the connection to the end devices is not always feasible.

The smart solution to this problem is brought to you by devolo, and is perfectly easy to implement: The Giga Bridge consists of two adapters which simply operate in power outlets while using the existing phone or coaxial line to turn the home network into a data highway. Plugging into the signal stream itself is flexible and can be done either upstream or downstream of the router. And with the most recent devolo software update, it is now possible to supply even more rooms, simultaneously, with data from the fibre-optic connection.

This is ideal with IPTV applications and sending the 4K and 8K content directly where it is needed – at the terminal device, such as the smart TV or set-top box. Furthermore, other IP-based devices, such as Wi-Fi access points and NAS drives, can also be networked with perfect ease with the Giga Bridge.

The current standard transmits data at speeds of up to one gigabit – supplying a robust connection in the home office, fast 4K and 8K streaming video, and a stable connection for online gaming. And all this takes place over the existing coaxial or phone line.

Wireless: mesh Wi-Fi repeater with Wi-Fi 6

With two brand new Wi-Fi 6 repeaters, devolo is also presenting convenient wireless ways of getting the Internet signal into even more rooms. Both models support the current Wi-Fi 6 standard. This makes it possible for them to achieve Wi-Fi transmission speeds of up to 5400 Mbps and opens the doors to new technologies which benefit not only Wi-Fi 6 devices but also older smartphones, tablets and laptops. This includes –  the more efficient use of Wi-Fi frequencies by means of OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access), bidirectional multi-user MIMO, and BSS colouring. In addition, both repeaters are mesh-compatible and, thanks to the WPS function, can easily extend close-meshed networks.

The modular home network: Magic 2 WiFi 6

The Magic 2 product series by devolo offers even more flexibility. These convenient adapters combine current Powerline and Wi-Fi technology to cover every inch of every living area and to connect devices either by cable over the home’s electrical wiring or by Wi-Fi, based purely on preference. These devices can be mixed and matched flexibly, offer versions with gigabit ports and mesh functionality and can be easily and practically controlled from a smartphone or tablet using the free Home Network app.